Right Placement Of Floor Decals Is Mandatory For Better Business

Sticker advertising is pretty unique and also a powerful way to get your brand right out in the market. These options are not just cost-effective in nature but can be used for long-term purposes. These stickers are used for branding your business and currently available in so many shapes and forms. One of the major sticker-based advertising that you get to see in the market is floor decals. Proper vinyl materials are used for manufacturing these stickers, which will definitely match your style you plan to choose. All you need is a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking to get the message right across the board!

Right placement of the floor stickers:

Now, you must be wondering more about the right place where you can place the stickers. Well, there are various ideal spots for that, but it is advisable to head for those areas with higher traffic to consider. If more people are able to see your stickers then that will help your brand to grow. Now, further depending on the floor type you are dealing with, the placement of the stickers will vary quite a lot. 

  • In case you are trying to lay the sticker on the wooden floor, then be sure to pay attention to the end joints. 
  • Never try to place the vinyl stickers over joints, as that can result in a bumpy graphic.
  • Measure the area of vinyl or tile flooring as well, as these areas may have the same issues as you are facing with the wooden floor.
  • While placing a decal, make sure to leave around half an inch of space from the edges of grout lines and tile lines.
  • But, always get expert help to replace the stickers on the floors. If you are not careful enough, air bubbles might form under the vinyl sticker, which will degrade its adhesive.

For the right location:

Use this opportunity to maximize the durability of the floor graphic. You can do that by selecting the right location to install the floor stickers or decals. The best news is that floor graphics can be easily installed on all common outdoor and indoor surfaces. Some of the best surfaces you got there are tile, wood, vinyl, asphalt, and concrete.

  • But, there are some other areas where you should not put the floor graphics. Those are marbles, rubber or soft PVC matting, textile mats and carpets, and more. 
  • Make sure that the surface of the floor remains in good condition and free from uneven terrain and cracks. These issues will be thereon concrete or asphalt flooring. So, better watch out for that.
  • In case you are trying to place the graphic outside, be sure to find an area that is free from cracks and pretty smooth. On the other hand, you can fill up the cracks and holes first before placing the stickers.

A lot of branding depends on the location where you are going to place the floor decals. So, be sure to have a direct chat with experts first before final placement.