5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Colleges

Marketing can be a really effective way to attract new students, as well as motivate existing students. Marketing for colleges can be competitive, of course, all colleges want to draw in students, but it can be costly and time consuming! That’s why we have listed 5 of the most effective marketing strategies you can implement, to help drive those student numbers up!

#1 Social Media

With the billions of users across social media platforms, you’ll be silly NOT to use this one! Both parents and students are more than likely to spend a lot of hours on social media, so it would be effective to ensure you are on at least 3 or more platforms. Being on social media provides you with a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness and reach, but also show students and parents what you are all about. Choosing the right college is important, their future depends on it, so use this platform to showcase why you are the best college for them. Publish content that is modern and engaging, use graphics and emojis. Social media is a place to lighten up a bit and have a little fun with the marketing campaigns. 

#2 SEO 

SEO for colleges can come in many forms, but SEO is an important one! This is a long-term strategy that can if the right strategy is used, help you show up on Google ahead of all your competitors. Most people, parents, and students, are more than likely going to start their hunt for a new college by conducting a search on the internet. You need to ensure you have strong keyword rankings and visibility, to stand a chance at landing on the first page and in the local pack. This is the first place prospective students will look, so you’ll want to ensure you are there. If not, you could lose this traffic to your competitors.  

#3 Paid Traffic 

Organic traffic is great, but it will take time and investment in order to grow it. Paid traffic is a great way to drive instant traffic to your website. You can use Paid Ads on Google, as well as on most social media channels. This means growing your brand awareness in the places students/parents are spending their time. Start with a small budget and experiment with different ads, copy and images. Make them fun and engaging. Take some time to analyse the data and readjust accordingly. Alternatively, you can hire a specialist to help grow within your specified budget. 

#4 Webinars

Webinars are a great and interactive way to show students/parents what you are about, what your campus looks like and who you are, without leaving the comfort of their home. It is likely that they are leading busy lives, students are studying and preparing for exams, parents are working, so hunting for the right college can be hard and time consuming. Keep it short and to the point, engage them and use some fun games/ice breakers, too! Think about what value you are giving them, why should they choose you? Offering a webinar can give them a great insight into your brand, as well as act as a lead magnet. Once you have their details for the webinar, you can then nurture them via email! 

#5 Email marketing 

Email lists are gold! You can create automated sequences that will nurture students/parents into choosing you as the place to go! You could have seperate lists, one for students and one for parents, so you can target your content more specifically. Provide them with key points and lots of value, help them get through their exams and show them all your best qualities! 

Regardless of what you choose, ensure that you have a clear brand image/purpose and keep the students at the center of all your marketing efforts.