How To Become An Esports Professional

It’s the ideal lifestyle for some. With the increasingly lucrative pay cheques and sponsorships all for playing their favorite game, it’s not surprising that esports has seen a huge rise in popularity. Esports gaming has undergone somewhat of a revolution in recent years, with millions of dollars being offered as prize money. 

With such tough competition it can be tougher for you to go pro, but here are a few tips to help you on your way. Whether you’re looking to get into professional gaming with an esports gaming PC or on console, this guide will apply to you. 

Choose your game

First thing’s first: you have to settle on a game. This ultimately comes down to personal preference. You may look to jump on the train of an already hugely popular game, or you could go down the route of games that look set to make their mark on the industry. 

Games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), League of Legends, Dota 2 and Call of Duty tend to offer up the most prize money but there’s no point trying to enter these competitions if you aren’t on the level of other players. These games will already be hugely competitive, so it will be even tougher to break onto the esports gaming scene. 

The benefit of going with games that are less established in the industry is that, with a lower player base, you stand a chance of getting into the competitive scene earlier. You can spend time working out the meta of the game as opposed to simply adopting that of the gaming juggernauts. The downside is that the game may not resonate so well with other players and may not gain much traction as far as competitive gaming is concerned, forcing you back to square one.  

You’ll also need to consider which platform you want to compete on. The chances are this will come down to the one you are most comfortable using. However, do consider that PC does offer up a much wider range of video games compared to the two main consoles. 

Put in the time and practice

As the old adage goes, practice makes perfect, and this couldn’t be truer when trying to break into esports gaming. As is the case with any sport, you don’t want to go into it half hearted – it’ll require a lot more than just playing a few games of Call of Duty or FIFA a day. 

No matter who you are, you will have to start right from the bottom. Working your way up the esports ladder is a lot of hard work. 

You’ll need to spend many hours practicing and perfecting your strategy. Learn the meta of the game – what is the most effective strategy? If you’re getting into a well-established game, then the very best players will have already posted tips and tricks on how to get better. The top players will have this strategy almost ingrained into their muscle memory. Make sure you are watching esports tournaments where the very best are pitted against each other. What are the winners doing right?

Consider recording your gaming performance even in less competitive lobbies. Rewatch and see what you’ve done well and where you know you can improve. Go back and up your game! 

Even those who have made it to the very top don’t stop practicing. The gaming scene is one that is constantly evolving, especially with new releases and updates. So you have to make sure that you are able to adapt your play style and adopt the best strategy. 

Join the community

Most esports games are very welcoming to prospective competitors. A lot actually style their matchmaking so the best get put against the best (skilled-based matchmaking). But in order to make the leap from casual to competitive, you are going to have to engage with the industry and build your reputation.

Many esports players run their own YouTube or Twitch channels. This is the most obvious way to get noticed by esports scouts. You want to demonstrate your commitment to the industry, and engaging with others is a sure-fire way to do that. 

Going to industry events such as tournaments or exhibitions is another great way to make contacts. This may help you further down the line when it comes to finding a team. But also, by putting yourself out there, like-minded individuals may be helpful in giving you tips on how to improve your game.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

The stereotypical life of an avid gamer is someone who spends all day and night screaming at video games while digging into a bag of doritos. The life of a top esports player is far from that. While it is important to dedicate enough time to perfecting your gaming ability, striking a balance is equally as important. If you’re spending too much time playing indoors, it will affect your mental state of mind, which will in turn affect your performance.

Exercise is also vital to good gaming performance. This is not to say that you have to have the athletic prowess of Usain Bolt or Cristiano Ronaldo, but by keeping yourself in good shape, you stand yourself in good stead against your competitors. 


The barrier to entry to esports gaming is getting higher. With the explosion of the gaming scene in the 21st century, it is becoming more and more competitive but by no means impossible to break into.

By going with a game that you know you are good at with a lot of potential in esports you can get yourself on the right path towards going pro. Putting in the hours and committing to the industry while maintaining a healthy lifestyle will give you a fighting chance.