Restoring Customer Trust- Things to Do After your Business has Been Hacked

Many people who own small businesses ignore the fact that they can be hacked too. When it comes to cyberattacks, the size does not matter. Every corporate is vulnerable and can be a victim. Even with updated software and firewall, a cyberattack can still happen. So, what do you do in case your business is hacked? How do you reclaim your customers’ trust after a data breach? The way you respond to the attack and how you handle it can greatly help in regaining your trust. Below are easy ways you can restore customer trust and shelter your business from future attacks.

Inform them Early and be Transparent

When a data breach occurs, it means the customer information will be out in public within a blink of an eye. So, it is crucial to be prompt and timely. Ensure you inform all your customers about the breach and assure them that everything is under control. Assure them that your business is putting every effort to ensure no further breach will occur. Make sure the manager or any responsible person in the department informs the customers early. 

Resolve the Problem

Put a person in charge of finding solutions and make sure you solve the problem as quickly as possible. When the personal data of your clients has been breached, it becomes imperative to find a fast response. Make sure you give your customers a statement that explains the extent of the breach and how much is being done to resolve the issue. Make sure you are honest enough. Tell them what happened and which part of your system was attacked. 

Hire a Reputation Management Team

After a breach, your business’s reputation may suffer. So, it is vital to ensure you have a strategy for restoring the reputation. Maintaining the good reputation of your business will protect you from losing your customers as well as your profits. Reputation management London is vital to clear your name and ensure it does not pop up on search engines. 

Come up with Ways of Protecting Data from Future Attacks

When it comes to cyberattacks, the most part affected is the data. When customers provide their personal details on your website, you leave them susceptible to these attacks. So, the best way to protect them is by limiting the amount of information they provide online. If you have to provide newsletters, don’t go beyond asking for an email. Make sure you also update your software to seal all the loopholes that hackers may use. 

Improve Network Security

Another way your data can be stolen is through the interception of your network. So, after you have been hacked, make a point of encrypting your network to keep it safe from hackers. Assure your customers that your network is safe and any data they provide is sealed from hackers. Use VPN to encrypt the data and hide it from potential attackers.  

The Bottom Line

Since the emergence of the Internet, cyberattacks have been on the rise, and businesses have to deal with them. Even after an attack, it is possible to increase your customers’ trust through the ways mentioned above. Be clear, and honest and make sure you resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Ensure you have a team managing your online reputation to avoid losing more.