The Secret Reason Burglars Don’t Like Security Systems

Imagine you are a burglar (here’s hoping you’re really not) scoping out your next target. How do you feel about entering a home or business with monitored security installed? If you are like most burglars, a security system gives you pause. You will probably decide to look for another target. No doubt there are plenty to choose from.

Security experts are known to discuss several reasons burglars don’t like electronic security systems. For example, security systems trigger alarms that could get them caught. Systems armed with security cameras lead to evidence burglars know could be used against them. But the real reason burglars do not like electronic security systems is a long-kept secret in the burglar world: security systems often reveal that burglars are not the brightest bulbs on the criminal Christmas tree.

Just a Fitness Buff

The point is easily demonstrated by a recent case in the UK. A local court in central England needed less than an hour to convict a burglar who claimed he had broken into an MoT garage in search of a tire. Why did he need a tire? The overweight man said he needed it to get fit. He was apparently going to use the tire in some sort of exercise regimen.

Unfortunately for him, breaking a garage window activated a security system that sent police to the scene within minutes. Upon arrival, they found the burglar standing in front of the store carrying a ladder and wearing gloves. His explanation of searching for a tractor tire to use for his fitness program was hardly believable.

Video footage showing police interacting with the burglar clearly indicated that his story didn’t make sense. Here was an overweight man claiming to be in search of a large tractor tire for his fitness program. But in order to get into the business, he broke through an upper floor window while standing on a ladder. What was he going to do? Throw the tractor tire out the window and then carry it home along with his ladder?

Security Systems Are Bad News

The events in England notwithstanding, security systems are bad news to burglars. The other reasons listed at the start of this post are absolutely legitimate. First off, security systems do sound an alarm that increase the chances a burglar will be caught. No burglar wants to take that chance unnecessarily.

As far as the evidence thing is concerned, that could be the scariest proposition of all. Even a burglar who successfully completes his mission has to worry whether or not video footage of the crime was recorded. If such footage exists, no doubt police will use it to track him down and prosecute him. No wonder security providers like Vivint Smart Home push security cameras so hard.

Security Systems Deter Burglars

Your typical burglar is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. Nonetheless, most burglars are smart enough to know that electronic security systems only make their jobs more difficult. That’s why monitored security is a deterrent. Why take the risk if you don’t have to?

That overweight burglar in England took a chance and lost. Tripping the garage’s alarm had police at the location in mere minutes. He was caught red handed, even though he denied attempting to burglarize the building. Now he is looking at jail time after being convicted in court.

Why do burglars not like security systems? Maybe because triggering an alarm demonstrates a certain level of intelligence not to be aspired to. Or perhaps it’s just because they don’t want to get caught. Does it really matter?