6 Reasons To Use The Raiser’s Edge & Salesforce Together

The stakeholders of many nonprofits are tasked with choosing between Raiser’s Edge vs Salesforce. Raiser’s Edge is legacy software with powerful constituent relationship management and fundraising features. Salesforce donation management evolved from a for-profit platform and has more base-level compatibility with third-party applications. Some organizations may benefit from investing in licenses for both software as a service offerings. Here are six reasons to combine Raiser’s Edge NXT and the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.

Gain a Higher Level of Insight Into Your Constituents

The Raiser’s Edge is beneficial for maintaining constituent and donation records. Salesforce NPSP allows organizations to use external email marketing and social media outreach clients to drive next-generation engagement. A Raiser’s Edge import guide explains how to incorporate data from Salesforce and these third-party platforms into Raiser’s Edge records. Integration software can also support exports from this and other closed platforms.

How Omatic Integrates Data From Both Salesforce & Raisers Edge

Integration software purpose-built for use by nonprofits can connect Salesforce for Nonprofits to Raiser’s Edge or build a bridge between either platform and additional applications. Omatic establishes a centralized database that facilitates data checking, enrichment and cross-platform utilization. 

Build More Complete Centralized Records

The Data Health and Integration Suite included in Omatic Cloud plays an important role in raising the quality of integrated data. Functions such as deduplication, merging and other methods make it possible to obtain complete, clean and current records that increase investment returns from all systems.

Maximize the Usefulness of Third-Party Tools

Raiser’s Edge and other Blackbaud software does not offer the built-in support for many applications that is available through the Salesforce AppExchange. Integration software opens this software up to allow for exports and imports, whether an organization wants to use Blackbaud records in third-party applications, include data points from these platforms in constituent records, or unite the powers of Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce NPSP. 

Enhance Segmentation and Query Functions

Integration software can be the easiest workaround for many of the challenges associated with running Raiser’s Edge queries. Different CRM software allows for comparable but different segmentation functions. Omatic allows nonprofit staff to run practically any query across platforms for the best results that are available. It is also possible to use this centralized, cloud-based software to perform functions that surpass both systems.

Make Siloed Data Available System Wide

Data that stays siloed is untapped value. A not-for-profit organization should ensure that non constituents, potential leads or other records that are supported by either Raiser’s Edge or Salesforce but not both systems remain accessible. The integration process starts with identifying which data is siloed and developing a solution to make this information available, reconcile conflicting or redundant data points and make sure that data is stored in the right locations. 

If any of these six considerations could facilitate fundraising and day-to-day operations, an organization should consider integrating Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce for Nonprofits. These two platforms can meet most CRM requirements and empower organizations to use a wide range of popular web-based applications and tools for even greater returns on this investment.