How Much Does a Dynamic Website Cost in India

As time goes on online businesses are focusing more on their website for their business. Website is foundational for any online business Company.

Websites must have a great look, and the design should be user-friendly, and easily browsable. Website character depends on the role of the business.

There are tons of parameters to categorize a website but broadly websites are divided into two types depending upon function and nature. That is a static website and a dynamic website.

What is a Dynamic Website?

CSS Founder – Website design company in Kolkata said A website that is developed with advanced technology like Javascript, PHP, and ASP.

These types of websites are very interactive in design or nature and transform according to user and time. It simply means that it gets modified as per the command of users.

There are tons of advantages to a dynamic website such as

  • it changes according to customer or user demand.
  • it is easily updated as per the requirement of the user.
  • For example, users can also adjust the screen size, it’s responsive nature which is not easily available on static websites.
  • Further, it also avails users of good navigation which in turn helps users to move from one page to another page without any problem.
  • The only problem with these types of websites is that they are quite expensive and it requires a great amount of money to host these kinds of websites.
  • The other problem with this type of website is that it uses very complex or large functions which in turn slow down the speed.

From the above information, it is concluded that Dynamic websites are quite more flexible than static websites but at the same point, dynamic websites are more advanced things whereas static websites are developed by just HTML, and CSS.

Other advantages such as easily updated store ultimate information.

Till now you know what a dynamic website is? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Now coming to the cost.

In designing a website there are three components that require major costs that are

  • Domain Name,
  • Hosting
  • Design and Development

Blog website would cost around ₹4,000/₹ – ₹5,000.E-commerce website ₹10,000/- min

Website designing company in Ghaziabad called CSS Founder analyze Price will increase as you keep on adding new features to it. Every new module/feature depends on :

  • The hourly rate of the developer
  • the coding complexity and
  • the demand in the market.

The dynamic Website price range is between ₹10000 – ₹5,000000. The price varies according to the user’s demands.

For example, if any user is using PHP on an E-commerce website then it will cost around 50k -70k.