Make Your Website Stand Out

As the online space continues to evolve, so does competition among entities. Websites have become very instrumental not only to businesses but also to individuals. With nearly half a million sites being launched every day, you have to ensure that your website is outstanding. Although search engine optimization always plays an important role in drawing web traffic, your site has to provide value for it to maintain a good ranking. 

Website Design is one of the areas that can make your site outstanding. There are plenty of tools that make it easy for web designers to develop various sites. Besides the aesthetics of your website, there are other ways you can implement that can help improve its performance. The following are strategies you can adopt that can put you ahead of the competition. 

Creative Bio

You’ve probably heard of the saying people relate with people. The saying can never be more true when it comes to websites. You have to ensure you provide adequate information about yourself on your site. Your bio should be the perfect representation of your personality; you can make it casual and friendly to appeal to the majority of people. Instead of putting a head shot, you can go with an image that expresses your personality. 

Type of Content

Content is what draws people to websites; they are the selling point. Hence, ensure you craft content that is relevant, relatable, and helpful. Your content should be unique besides providing your point of view on touchy issues and subjects. You should always aim at providing inspiration and insight. 

The Design of your Website 

The number one thing that most people will be looking at is the appearance of your website; how it has been built and designed. A good website should have an exceptional user interface. When it comes to web design, there are two major approaches; using web building sites or hiring a professional designer. Both avenues have their pros and cons; the route you end up choosing will depend on various things including your level of expertise in web design, budget, and the design you want your website to have. 

Harnessing Social Media

Apart from the normal traffic that comes from different search engines, you can also tap into a different stream of traffic using various social media platforms. This will expand your reach since you will be increasing the scope of your audience. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have become important marketing platforms that can give your website an edge. 

Understanding your Sites Analytics

Another aspect that can help the performance of your site is tracking its performance. Analytics enables you to examine the origin of your traffic and the keywords people are using to find your website. When you understand how to read and understand the analytics of your site, you will be able to make appropriate adjustments, thus helping you reach new audiences. 


According to studies, mobile traffic accounts for approximately 50 percent of web traffic. It indicates how important it is to factor in mobile traffic when creating your website. Ensure your site is as sleek when viewed on mobile as it is on desktops. According to a recent Google study, roughly 90 percent of mobile users interact with sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. You can make your site mobile friendly either by using a theme that supports mobile platforms or hiring an astute web designer that will help you create one. 

Avoid Stock Photos

Although most blogs often use stock images, it’s not advisable to use them when it comes to sites. Instead, use real photos that will make your site more relatable and believable. Customers value authenticity; thus, consider having photo shoots with the actual employees of your company. Capture moments where your employees are rendering services, delivering a presentation, or in a board meeting. You can also allow them to have their dogs on the day of the shoot. 

Final Thoughts

The world has evolved to become very dynamic these days. Having an online presence is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity. It has made the online space extremely competitive; companies have to look for creative ways to attract web traffic and stay ahead of the competition. Ensure you implement the strategies mentioned above to stay ahead of the competition.