How free software tools can help optimize your business

Take advantage of free software tools to optimize and improve your rankings. Make these tools a standard part of your digital marketing plan. Alt-text: a man writing on a see-through board with a white marker.

Getting your business to be noticeable online has proven to quite a challenge. Simply having an online presence is no longer enough. So, without optimizing your business you shouldn’t expect success to be knocking on your door any time soon. Therefore, if you haven’t started your optimization process, get on it ASAP! But, how to get it done? You don’t have to be an IT wizard to start optimizing your business and improve your online visibility. There are plenty of free software tools that can help you get the job done and we are sharing with you our favorites.

Best free software tools for improving your business’ SEO

Nowadays, people are constantly online. Consequently, the number of online searches keeps growing by the minute. That is why it is important to improve your reachability through search engines. Especially, during the pandemic, you must make sure your business grows through online transactions and searches. The current new normal is forcing us more than ever to transfer out everyday living online. This is how you can make sure that your website catches the attention of potential clients and customers.

As the most in-demand search engine, Google provides many useful tools that can be used towards optimizing your business. Alt-text: home page of Google on a cellphone.

Google PageSpeed Insight

When talking about optimization, we cannot neglect the need for speed. All those searches that we were talking about and that you are trying to attract are being done from countless different devices. What you must do is make sure your download speed is excellent on all possible devices. If not, folks will lose patience and their interest in what you have to offer. Google PageSpeed Insight will not only tell you the download time of your URL, but it will also provide suggestions for improvement. This way you will be one step closer to your effective marketing strategy.

Answer The Public

We all know the importance of choosing and using the correct keywords when optimizing. No matter if your website is made by professionals or a free website builder. You always must be certain that your chosen keywords are on point. Surely, this is easier said than done. Answer the Public can be just what the doctor ordered if you feel stuck in this department. Based on one word that you have entered, this tool will provide a long list of options. Also, it will share with you commonly asked questions linked with that particular word.

Google Analytics

If you were looking for a diamond in the rough among free tools, you have just found it. Get ready to see your complete web statistics. Even the smallest indications of traffic on your website will be detected by this powerful tool. However, it is important to known that this is not a tool only dedicated to tracking SEO standing and optimization process. Yet, if used to your advantage correctly it can be the helping hand you were looking for. More than anything it is one of the best software tools that will show you your current optimization standings and hopefully your incredible progress in this field.

Some tools might not be specifically designed to help you just with optimization, which doesn’t mean they cannot be used for that purpose and more. Alt-text: Google Analytics total report on the screen of a laptop as one of the most used free software tools.

Google Search Console

Even when pros design a site without too much effort you still must continue to work on it. Leaving it as it is, even in impeccable optimization shape, its allure will start to die down. If you want to know what the most powerful search engine in the world thinks of your website, Google Search Console will definitely let you know. The best part about this tool is that it can be used n multiple fronts. It can be used for the following:

  • to fix and detect technical problems on your website
  • follow data that is relevant and important for your SEO
  • check your ranking
  • submit site maps, etc.

Ahref’s Backlink Checker

If you want to be great at optimizing you cannot underestimate the value of a powerful backlink. This tool will guide you to the top 100 backlinks to all websites as well as URLs. One of the smartest ways to use this tool is for checking out the competition. Past your competition’s website and find excellent link-building options.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

What can be more useful while optimizing than knowing exactly what people are searching for online? All you need to do is enter a keyword in this planner and wait for the magic to happen. The sky is the limit! You will get all kinds of results that can benefit you. From terms you should consider using to monthly search volumes.

You dont have to do it on your own

All this talk about optimizing, marketing strategies, and tools can be overwhelming. Free software tools can be a great jump start to a successful optimization strategy. However, there are plenty of professionals that can help you achieve your goal. Sure such services aren’t free and are a significant investment. Yet, they will pay off multiple times in the long run. Movers Development is a great option if you are looking to enhance your online profile and improve your overall visibility.

Hiring professionals is the best long=term marketing investment you can make for your business. Alt-text: two women are sitting in front of a computer while working on their optimization strategies.


Fortunately for many business owners, there are many amazing free software tools that you can use to improve your optimization. As a result, you can expect your digital marketing concept to be of great use. It might not produce instant gratification and success, but down the road, you will be picking many fruits of your labor. On the other hand, if doing it yourself is not your cup of tea, you can always hire professionals to get the job done for you. In the end, whichever option you end up choosing, you should never underestimate the importance of optimization.

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