Should You Use Free Website Builders?

When choosing between website makers, many people are drawn into the ones that offer free plans. Yes, it may seem like a good deal to build your site for free, but what is it actually costing you?

Do Top Website Builders Offer Free Plans?

Some of the best website builders do offer a free plan, but a lot of them do not. Those that do want to make sure they have an option for everybody, while those that don’t often offer higher quality outcomes from their services. Thus they need the payment for even their lowest level of service.

How Does A Free Plan Limit You?

Using a free plan may seem enticing, until you realize how it costs you in the long run.

A Domain Name Linked to The Website Builder

You won’t be able to have your own domain name, instead it will have the website builders name attached to it. This hurts your credibility.

Ads Will Display on Your Site

Ads will appear throughout your site and you won’t get to choose where. You also won’t be getting paid for them, the website builder will. As a result, your site may be cluttered with ads that you are losing out on making money from.

Non-Mobile Friendly Designs

Many website builders only offer mobile friendly designs in paid plans, if they do at all. As a result, your site will not appear professional or possibly not appear at all when your audience views it on anything other than a computer.

Limited Access to Tools

With a free plan, you won’t have access to different marketing and SEO tools that could help grow your site. Even the most basic tools that are offered in the cheaper paid plans will help your site perform much better.

Are Free Website Builders Right for You?

If you just want your site to look and perform at the most basic level possible, a free site will probably work fine for you. However, if you want control over how it looks and performs, a paid plan is probably a better option