How a Custom Content Strategy Can Grow Your Jacksonville Business

About 82% of marketers consider content marketing a key strategy. In fact, marketers who post daily blogs are 13 times more likely to experience a positive ROI. Businesses that blog generate 126% more web traffic than others, too. 

In fact, 72% of marketers believe branded content is more effective than traditional advertising. Another 72% say content increases leads and engagement. About 60% of consumers want to shop from brands they know as well. 

Are you on the fence about creating custom content this year? Here are six reasons you should improve your content marketing strategy.

After reviewing these benefits of content marketing, you can make a more informed decision with your Jacksonville business in mind. Read on to learn more! 

1. Boost Awareness and Recognition

It takes repeated exposure before you can start generating brand awareness. If people aren’t aware your business exists, they won’t choose you. Instead, they’ll turn to your competitors first.

Creating custom content can help you rank higher on search engines, allowing you to generate more traffic. More people will become aware of your brand as a result. In time, they’ll begin to associate your brand with your offerings.

The next time they need your product or service, they’ll recall your content and visit your site directly. 

2. Reach Ideal Customers

You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to create content based on the keywords customers use in a search. Then, you can appear in front of people who need your offerings. You’ll have an easier time generating leads if people already want your product or service. 

3. Demonstrate EAT

Demonstrating your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT) can help establish your credibility in the industry. You could even position yourself as a thought leader. Establishing your credibility through content marketing can boost brand trust.

If people trust you, they might feel more inclined to shop from you.

Meanwhile, people will keep returning to your site for helpful tips and advice. 

4. Rank Ahead of Competitors

Consider using SEO services to boost where your custom content appears on search engine result pages. SEO will help you rank ahead of competitors. You’ll have an easier time establishing your credibility.

You can learn more about SEO services here.

Once you reach the top of a page, consumers will see your personalized marketing content before any other search result. 

5. Generate Trust and Loyalty

You can use your personalized marketing strategy to generate brand trust and loyalty. A 2% rise in customer retention can reduce costs by 10%. Even a single loyal customer is worth 10 single-purchase customers.

Generating brand trust and loyalty can set your Jacksonville business up for long-term growth. 

6. Improve Your ROI

Use your content marketing strategy and SEO to generate more website traffic. Then, establish your credibility to encourage leads and sales. With a strong content development strategy, you can improve your ROI. 

Set for Success: 6 Ways Custom Content Can Grow Your Jacksonville Business

Set your Jacksonville business up for lasting growth. Consider these ways custom content can give your business a boost. With content development, you can expand your reach and grow.

Start creating content today!

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