Imagine this: your dad’s birthday is this weekend, so you grab your phone and start sifting through a plethora of different shopping sites in search of the perfect present for him. Just moments after you’ve found the winning barbecue accessory and put it in your shopping cart, you get an urgent call from your sister asking if you can babysit her kids tomorrow night. You agree, hang up the phone, and the gift for dad completely slips your mind.

Until… a couple of hours later, you get an email from someone at Barbecues-R-Us inquiring if you’re still interested in buying the meat thermometer you left in your cart. You quickly sign back on and complete your order, and thank goodness, dad’s birthday has been rescued!

The reminder email you receive at times like these is an example of behavior-based marketing automation. It’s a tactic that is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their consumers. People are bombarded with texts, calls and emails all day long from companies encouraging them to purchase their products. In such a saturated market, businesses are searching for better methods of connecting with potential and existing clients, this includes implementing a business phone system to stay on-demand with business needs that can have a cumulative effect on the customers.

Stand Out From The Competition

The answer lies in personalization. People are much less likely to open a generic email they know was sent to thousands of people than they are to open one that speaks directly to them and addresses a specific need they have. You may be asking yourself, how can I start using this personalized marketing strategy? People often ask this query while researching options on the market. It can make people feel confused and wound up. However, there’s no need to fret; fortunately, companies like SheerID recognize how beneficial marketing personalization is for your business and outline the benefits and how you go about it. But how can you determine if a potential lead has a problem that your business can solve?

According to research from Gleanster, over 50% of qualified leads aren’t ready to buy on the day they convert to your site, but that doesn’t mean they never will be. This means your efforts to sell may bother more than half of the people who visited your site. Keeping that in mind, sending an email to everyone who converts may not be the best idea.

Marketing automation software like SharpSpring includes features that allow you to identify when prospects are ready to buy or when they would most appreciate receiving content from you. Many of these software include workflows, which are similar to maps that allow you to visualize a potential buyer’s journey. They also give lead scores to prospective clients as they interact with your content. This will give you a better understanding of which leads are most probable to become clients. This system allows you to walk in the shoes of your potential buyer and make marketing tasks automated, for example, sending out a targeted email when your client would be most receptive to receiving it.

Automation Saves Time and Resources

One of the most promising up-sides to marketing automation is that it makes the marketing process more methodical. Instead of spending hours sending unnecessary emails or carrying out sales calls to people who couldn’t care less about what you’re offering, you can concentrate your energy into building strong relationships with your potential leads and current customers.

The goal here is not to put an end to the role of marketers. Instead, it’s to make marketing more efficient so that your brand can reach clients and generate more revenue at a fast pace. By automating tedious tasks like sending emails and posting on social media, marketers can focus more energy on creating valuable content.

Great Relationships Equal Great Business

At the heart of every successful business is a promise to build and nurture strong relationships with consumers. You know your current clients are already invested in your product or service, so keep them engaged! In addition to excellent products, people desire connection and strong relationships. Automated marketing is a great method to stay on top of communication with existing clients without sacrificing authenticity.