Amplify your Living Room with these Lighting Ideas

A living room is the heart of your home. It’s the first place where you unwind after coming home from a hectic day. The living room is generally the largest room of the house, a center of activity in which the series of activities occurs throughout the day. 

To ensure that the heart of your home is beautifully lit with interior lighting, here are some inspiring ideas to amp up your living room lights.

1. Ace the art of layered lighting 

To achieve a well-lit look with living room lights, one must ace the art of layered lighting. Ideal on many levels, it illuminates all four corners of your walls to achieve a balanced look & create a warm atmosphere. Layered lighting includes an amalgamation of thoughtfully chosen interior lighting which includes ambient light, task light and accent light.

All of these lights consist of chandeliers, pendant lights, wall spotlights, floor lamps, table lamps, track lights and ceiling lights. The sole of purpose of layering your living room with these lights is to achieve a warm and fuller look.

2. Introduce a statement Floor Lamp 

The power of a statement-making Floor Lamp is truly understated. It’s a perfect pick to brighten up the corners of your living room and provide an ambient source of lighting. It softly diffuses the light and eases in your day-to-day task.Place it near your accent chair or sofa, it provides just the right amount of glow to perform tasks like reading or writing and also acts as a décor element.

3. Add Pendant Light 

Pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling and usually have a single shade, which can hold up to 3 bulbs. This light can be directed up or down depending on the direction of the shadow. 

When pointed downwards or when light passes through bowls or other shades downwards, the pendant luminaire transmits more light below. Best if used directly above specific furniture like coffee table, chair or your favorites piece of furniture, the direct lighting highlights the desired object in a room.

4. Spruce up with Wall Scones

Give twist to your rather flat walls with wall scones, EGLO specially curates an entire range of interior lighting that adds an ambient glow in the overall surroundings of your home. Keep in mind while positioning the wall scones, they help to illuminate those corners of your room where light is hardly reached. A well-placed wall sconce can help balance the overall light. Pair them with chandeliers or pendant lights for a nice glow for teamwork. 

5. Highlight your favorites with spot light

As the name tells, spotlights are used to direct a more concentrated light to a particular area, or add accent to parts of room that maybe dull or monotonous. Adjustable in nature, fix your spotlight over your favorite piece of wall art and let it shine, or simply highlight an area to make your wall more interesting.