A day in the Life of a Psychic

By: Elizabeth April

Today I want to talk about a day in the life of a psychic. What is it to live every day with more of an awareness than say the average person? I think it’s important for people to understand what it’s like to live a more awakened or aware life but I also think it’s important for people to understand that it’s a very normal life as well. At the age of 26, I would say my life is pretty normal. I value all the same things, which is a healthy diet, but I definitely have a sweet tooth, so I love my snacks, for sure! Focusing on a healthy diet, trying to exercise every day, which definitely doesn’t happen every day. I love animals and working, I love what I do, so I work quite often. That’s typically what my day looks like. I usually try to put quite a focus on the physical vessel, because there’s a lot of maintenance that goes into just taking care of the body in general. Drinking enough water and all those things. 

When I compare myself and my own life to other people, I would say, overall, my life is really quite normal, but the biggest difference would be my ability to tap into that ultimate, unlimited source, that consciousness, and that really allows me to be more aware every day. Say, I burned myself making dinner, it’s not just something that’s happening to me, I don’t think life is just happening to me. It really feels like I am the ultimate driver of my reality. I believe that everything that happens to me is something that I’ve created. Having that awareness, I am forced to take full responsibility for everything in my life. When I do get burned by the oven when I’m cooking dinner, the first thing that comes in is, what am I learning from that? What am I gaining access to at this moment?” What does it mean when I accidentally break a glass when I’m putting away the dishes?

Just for an example, just the other day, I accidentally broke an essential oil bottle in my bathroom, and glass was everywhere. The essential oil that I broke was motivation blend. In that moment, instead of just reacting and acting upon something that has happened to me in life, I dig a little bit deeper, and I put a little bit more consciousness behind it. I ask myself, “Why did that happen to me?” Because I created it. The answer that came through was the motivation piece. I don’t have to push so hard to be motivated in every single moment. Sometimes, it’s okay to just let go and do absolutely nothing. After that motivation, the essential oil blend broke, the next day, all I felt like doing was just laying in bed and doing nothing. You know what? That’s exactly what I did all day, was just nothing. It was amazing and glorious. There was some guilt that crept in, but I squashed it. I was just totally relaxing in that mode of nothingness, and it was fantastic. 

I would say my biggest advice for other people who want to live in more awareness and working with their consciousness is just stopping more often throughout the day and questioning their surroundings. That’s really it. The more that we stop and take into account the fact that everything that’s happening around us we’ve created, then you pair it with asking the question why, you start to really dig deep at the true essence of life, rather than thinking life is separate from our reality, life is separate from our consciousness. Stopping more often, asking questions more often, trusting your own intuition more often, is what’s really going to help someone else trying to raise awareness in their own conscious reality. 

It’s really tough when you have people in your life who don’t necessarily want to hear the truth. I find this quite often with friends and family members. When one person starts to really wake up and realize that life is just so much deeper, it’s really tough to stand by and watch your friends and family, the people that you love the most suffer, in unawareness. To be honest, that’s the number one difference that I find between myself and maybe the rest of the world or other people who are not awakened. Some people think this is all there is, and I know what that feels like, because I was once caught up in the loneliness and the separation of, I would say, the mundaneness of the day-to-day life, it is really sad to think that this is it. The more you realize that every moment and every day is actually a miracle, and that you’re creating that miracle, the more we can appreciate our day-to-day mundane life, and the more exciting life becomes. Most of society is living in that autopilot programming, most of society is living confined to the boxes and the limitations and the labels that they put on themselves like, “I’m a mother. Therefore, I am obligated to do _____,” or whatever role or position that you put yourself in. 

The number one thing that everyone can do to become more conscious and more aware in life is to let go of the boxes, to let go of the labels, to let go of the limitations, to stop attaching yourself to who you think you should be based on what society tells you you should be, and just be exactly who you are in that moment, and be okay with being the lonely one in that moment. Be okay with being the stressed-out one in that moment, be okay with being the animal lover, or the nature lover, or whoever you decide to be in that moment, accepting that fully, and not putting pressure on yourself to be anything than who you are right then. To be honest, I would even say New Age spirituality puts us into limiting boxes and belief systems as well. You have to be enlightened. You have to be awakened. You have to be living in the light and the love all the time. I say, “Fuck that,” you don’t have to be living in the light and the love all the time, you can be miserable in that moment. The more that we accept and love ourselves for being miserable in that moment, the less time we need to spend in that moment of being miserable. 

The biggest thing that I would probably give advice to everyone reading who wants to live a more healthy, awakened, aligned life would be just to let go. Let go of the expectation and the attachment that we have in every single moment. Just like I was mentioning, even if you are doing all of the things- that’s what I like to call it, “The things.” “Okay, I’m going to yoga. I’m meditating. I’m stretching. You are doing all of those things, and you are connecting at a deeper level to all of those things. Just because you’ve got the projection within the outside realm of your reality, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got the inside connection to any of it. Stop putting expectations on yourself to do any of the things or to be any of the people that you really value or look up to. It’s not about that, it’s about understanding that everyone is just a person. We all have our own physical limitations. We all have to take care of our vessel in one way or another. When we really just let go and we accept in every single moment, we start to raise our vibration organically and naturally. We start to really align to our highest self without the expectation and attachment. All expectation and attachment will do, including the really positive high vibration expectation and attachment, all it does is put pressure on ourselves, and that pressure will limit us at the end of the day. 

I’ve got a lot of opportunities in front of me right now. I would say that my main focus at this time is just reaching more people, but it’s not even that. It’s reaching the people that I already have at a deeper level. How can I give you as much information as possible in a way that you’re going to be able to conceptualize it, and not only that, but actually apply it to your life? Because it’s through that experience where we can all get to the same level. It’s not just through knowledge. I have speaking engagements coming up for this year. I have awesome podcasts every Tuesday coming up. I’ve got incredible collaborations with other thought leaders and changemakers in the society coming up, so definitely check out my Instagram, Facebook, YouTube page. If you’re loving these blogs, you are absolutely going to love the other content that I put out there. Keep your eye open, keep your heart even more open, and start to really question every aspect of your reality and slow down, stop limiting yourself with expectations and just love yourself in every moment. 

Thank you all once again. Hopefully, it was a little lighter than other week’s topics and hopefully, you enjoyed it just as I much!!

About Elizabeth April 

Hollywood psychic Elizabeth April is a committed Galactic Federation channeller and paradigm shifter who is here to make this world a better place by bringing people together in unity. Her YouTube channel offers you an insight into the unseen. The Matrix, Simultaneous Time, 3D to 5D Shift, Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Spirit Guides, Aliens, Awakening, Spirituality, Does God Exist? These are all topics that are covered, along with many more. 

Elizabeth April uses remote viewing and astral traveling to seek knowledge beyond this realm. She is here to help increase the vibration of the planet by spreading Truth, Knowledge, and Awakening. Everything in her videos is channelled straight from the source… the Universal source that is! 

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