Condom and Sex Conversation with Your Partner

Using female and male condoms is a pleasurable and vital part of engaging in safer sex. Basically, having sex with kondome can be enjoyable, fun, and exciting.

Using them consistently and correctly each time you engage in sex will also minimize the risks of spreading HIV and other STDs or prevent unwanted pregnancy. Choosing to use condoms is a sign of caring about your health and that of your partner.

Doctor’s Orders

Once you ensure you are emotionally ready to have sex with a new partner, be sure to have an appointment with a general practitioner (GP). Both you and your GP should discuss different options for protection, the risks, and sexual health screening.

Knowing that you are free from STIs will set a good example for your new partner. It serves as a proactive way of showing what you expect from your partner.

When starting the conversation about prezervatyvai and sex, ensure you show the results of the test. If possible, ask your partner to do the same thing.

Main Conversations to Have

Most monogamous relationships develop from love. However, lame ones grow from the desire to stop using a condom. The define-the-relationship (DTR) conversation is a perfect time to speak about unprotected sex, though the reverse can also be true.

Conversations regarding unprotected sex usually result in a conversation about ‘Us.’.For the sake of the general public’s health and your relationship, there are three main conversations you should have as a couple before tossing out condoms. These conversations include:

  • Test results
  • Monogamy
  • Birth control

When to Have the Conversation

You might want to choose the right time before bringing up the discussion to the table. A perfect time to talk about this is before getting yourself in a situation where you’ll require a condom. When you are caught up in the heated moment, you will likely be pressured into doing something that you might regret later.

Ensure you bring the subject in a matter-of-fact way. You can mention that you ordered some prezervatyvai and look at them.

Suggest that you will bring an unopened condom along. You may also suggest that your partner bring their most favorite brand.

How to Discuss

Choosing to engage in sex, either with a new partner or for the first time, will always be a big decision. What matters is that you can have the discussion when you choose to take things to another level.

When that time comes, communicate with your significant other. It usually takes individuals to consent to engage in sex and prevent pregnancy as well as STDs.

Having a one-on-one conversation doesn’t have to be a big deal. However, if it is, it would be helpful if you talk about it over the phone or text messages. Any communication is basically far much better than having none at all.

The Takeaway!

You and your partner are in full control over your health. This means you both have the right to insist on using a condom.

Be sure to have an honest conversation about sex and condoms. Remember also to state the reasons for using condoms. A respectful and healthy relationship is one that both partners respect each other’s needs and decisions.