4 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Dominating in 2022

Did you know that 82% of marketers actively use content marketing? It’s remarkable to see how large brands came around to seeing the value of what great content could bring to their customer base.

From artificial intelligence to immersive storytelling, so much of what will dominate the marketing trends of 2022 when we look back could have been foreshadowed by 2020. Below, we’ll take a deeper dive into the digital marketing trends and events that are shaping business marketing in 2022.

1. AI

Adding artificial intelligence to any digital marketing plan is a must because there’s so much potential in the AI world that any business can tap into. One way to add AI into your marketing plan is by adding a chatbot.

Chatbots are becoming more popular because they help guide a customer to the right place or they connect them with a human being for further assistance. A major plus of chatbots is that they never need breaks and they can assist customers when you’re not working.

2. Video

Video is still dominating in the marketing scene because it’s engaging. Customers love to watch short clips, instructional videos, product videos, etc. Most people prefer learning through a video rather than reading a set of instructions.

You can use video to build trust with your customers by sharing some behind-the-scenes clips. The more creative you become with your videos, the more memorable your brand can become.

3. Local SEO

SEO has been a great tool to drive customers to a business in a local area, but in recent times adapting local SEO has become more important for a business with a physical storefront.

For example, if you are in the flooring business and a customer types in Google something to the effect of “flooring store near me” you want Google to show them your business. It is imperative to have your website and business ready to show up in local searches organically and via ads. Here you can read more info on Google Ads to see how you can add this to your digital marketing strategy.

4. Personalization Is Key

Long gone are the days when you could throw out marketing to appeal to a mass audience. In modern times, it is best to personalize products, emails, and content. People love personalization and they tend to react and take action when they notice that extra personalized touch.

Although this might sound complicated, it doesn’t have to be. A great example of personalization is when Netflix or Amazon recommends something to watch or purchase based on your viewing history and past purchases.

Ready to Apply These Digital Marketing Trends

Now that you have the top digital marketing trends of 2022, you can choose which ones you want to try out. Why not try each one and see which one does better with your target audience?

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