How to Edit Product Photos

Product photos are a great way to take your branding to the next level. They make your business seem more professional and can influence customers buying decisions.

But knowing where to start with photo editing can be difficult. You might not know which ones to choose.

Luckily, this article is here to help you improve your editing skills! It dives into how to edit product photos so that they reflect your product and brand well.

Adjust Brightness and Exposure

A top editing tip is to adjust the brightness and exposure of your photos. Often there are shadows or bright spots when you photograph products. The lighting is equal throughout your image.

Products that have reflective surfaces will definitely need this step. This is because they will often show a reflection of your lights or camera.

You can save time on this step by making sure you have good lighting during your photoshoots. Having light coming from many angles helps minimize shadows.

Color Correct Product Photos

Having accurate colors in product photos is vital. Customers will often buy a product based on the color pictured. Representing the color accuracy is important to avoid disappointing the customer.

Often, colors can become washed out in studio lighting. Play with saturation and hue to try to give the colors in your photos a more vivid look. But remember to stay true to the product’s original color.

Remove Backgrounds

Removing backgrounds from your product photography is an essential editing skill. Backgrounds are easy to cut out using the pen tool in Photoshop. Removing the background is good for several reasons.

Backgrounds can often be distracting in product photos. Removing them allows customers to focus more on the object you are photographing.

It also means that it is easier to have a cohesive style when posting, as all your product photos will look uniform. This makes it easier for customers to recognize them over different platforms.

Photographing your products on a white background will make background removal much easier.

Clean Up Your Images

Make sure your images are picture-perfect to give the best impression. Remove any unnecessary labels, scratches, or finger marks on the products. This will give you a higher level of professionalism with your photos.

You can do this using a smoothing tool. This helps to blend out any unwanted blemishes and can make colors more uniform.

 You can also use the eye drop tool or clone stamp. This allows you to copy an exact color or feature from another part of the image, so you can make the image neat and tidy.

Become a Photo Editing Pro!

High-quality product photos are an essential part of any marketing strategy. Editing your photos and following these steps is the best way to achieve a professional look.

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