What are Bridal Packages?

Wedding packages in Singapore typically include wedding suits, gowns and photography. But did you know that they also include professional makeup and bridal beauty preparation? This is often known as pre-bridal packages. A beauty therapist evaluates your skin and guarantees that the bride-to-be receives all the prescribed treatments and spa therapy sessions. Skin treatment, manicure, pedicure, hair care, body polishing, cosmetics and bridal hairstyles are all included in bridal beauty packages.

Popular beauty companies provide pre-bridal packages that include natural and quick glow facials, soothing and renewing hair treatments like fragrance head oil massage, and total body exfoliations with fruit scrubs and fruit packs. In addition, customised skin-repair procedures such as microdermabrasion and vitamin infusion into inner skin layers, elimination of any fine lines or wrinkles, and anti-tan treatments are also included in the packages to produce healthy wedding skin that glows from the inside.

What is Included?

Every bride has unique demands and wants bridal beauty packages tailored to her hair and skin type.

Essentially, skin pre-treatment contains holistic for all your skin concerns, such as acne, uneven pigmented skin, pimples, and dullness. In addition, a bride should be aware of what her pre-wedding package entails. The pre-bridal therapy focuses on four key areas: the face, the body, the hands and feet, and the hair.


Maintain your fitness by eating correctly and exercising for at least 30 minutes daily. Body exfoliation is required to eliminate dead skin cells from the skin so that fresher, younger-looking skin may emerge from the inside. Bridal spa packages that include deep fragrance oil-based body massage should be included in the pre-bridal package to provide a calming and relaxing impact. This will undoubtedly assist you in overcoming pre-wedding stress and weariness. All bridal beauty packages include a body pack and body waxing. Bikini waxing is now advised since it is more sanitary than hair removal lotions or shaving.

Hands and feet

Taking care of your hands and feet in your before-bridal packages is crucial because they will be scrutinised during the pre and post-wedding events. In addition, every bride-to-be needs a manicure with a paraffin wax pack for chapped skin, nail art, and pedicures.


Girls are usually on the lookout for lovely bridal hairstyles for their big events. Only if you have healthy, manageable hair can you have different bridal hair designs for different wedding occasions. Bridal spa packages include hair spa treatments and body spa treatments for healthy, silky, and sparkling hair. The hair spa therapy sessions are designed to provide relief from dandruff, broken ends, or dry wavy hair, as well as deep conditioning. In addition, hair colouring or henna treatments are frequently suggested as part of your bridal hair and cosmetics packages.

The To-Do List

Before deciding on a bridal beauty package, find out if it includes bridal makeup and bridal hairstyles for before and post-wedding events.

Also, get to know your makeup artist and make sure he has evaluated your skin and determined how to apply wedding makeup for you. Your makeup artist will select a makeup method such as cream-based, mattifying, or airbrushing.

Before finalising anything further, double-check that the bridal hair and makeup pricing you agreed to are reasonable for the services included in your bridal beauty package.

To obtain the perfect appearance, start with the right skin care plan. The ideal bridal makeup and bridal hairdo give the bride a natural, luminous, and ‘happy bride’ appearance. Before beginning the beauty treatment and skin care programme, you must schedule pre-wedding consultations with the skin therapist and makeup artist.