Number Puzzles That Are Fun To Play

One of the most well-liked puzzles is the number puzzle. The best part about these number games is that they’re enjoyable to play, they are mind teasers, and they have a variety of variations that range from simple to complex.

When you first begin solving number puzzles, you might start with simple versions. But when you master them, you can advance to the more difficult ones. Furthermore, the challenging ones are best for you because they might improve your ability to focus and problem-solving skills. After all, in order to solve them, you need both of these abilities.

There are many number puzzles available right now that you can download on your phone or tablet and play wherever you are. However, with so many number puzzles available, picking the one that would provide you with an enjoyable gaming experience can be difficult. The top number of puzzles that you may download for your device are fortunately listed in this post. They’ll provide you with a great gaming experience and keep you glued to your phone for hours. These number games include:


Since Sudoku is one of the best games out there, it has to be included on the list of the best number puzzles. It is one of those timeless games that players of all ages have always appreciated. Additionally, Sudoku has gained popularity across the globe.

In 1976, an American by the name of Howard Garns created Sudoku for the first time. Howard was a retired architect who also created puzzles. In 1984, Sudoku was then published by Dell Magazines. The game was purchased by a Japanese publisher, who renamed it Sudoku—a Japanese word that means “Single Numbers.”

A 9×9 grid containing the numbers 1 to 9 is used to play Sudoku, and the goal is to arrange the numbers both horizontally and vertically. There shouldn’t be any repeating numbers in the rows, columns, or squares. If you get stuck playing this game, there are clues that can assist you. The entertaining and addictive game will offer you maximum fun.

Original 2048

This is also one of the most well-liked number puzzles. To create larger numbered tiles, the player must link identical tiles together. If there are no more spaces on the board or movements remaining, the game is over.

As you attempt to create larger numbered tiles, this game will keep you glued to your screen and be a lot of fun. This explains why this game has had one of the top reviews and download counts ever since it was released.

Drop the Number: The Merge Puzzle

Our series of entertaining number puzzles that are fun to play concludes with this game. Drop the Number: The Merge Puzzle Game is entertaining. But is also one of the most difficult number puzzles available. The objective is to click adjacent numerals that are similar to one another. This game has all you need if you’re looking for a number puzzle that is both entertaining and brain-teasing.