Ways SEO & Web Design Can Go Together

If you’re trying to enhance your website’s performance, it’s critical to keep in mind that you must focus on many factors simultaneously.

In both digital marketing and also life, we tend to give all of our attention to one or two critical elements while neglecting others which can turn out to be as equally important.

It takes more than SEO alone to do better in the SERPs.

Your website also needs to be well designed, or you risk wasting all of that organic equity you spent time building.

SEO and web design work together more coherently than many people realize.

Their components work and flow together so well that, if executed correctly, your website visitors should not notice anything about what you have created; they should start navigating through your web pages.

That being said, what are those elements where SEO and web design come in conjunction? Here are some ways they work together.


If you are slightly familiar with SEO or web design, then you should already know the importance of making your website mobile-friendly.

If this isn’t something you’ve spent time on yet, then you’re already a few years behind.

Google stated that mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor since 2015.

The engine search giant introduced mobile-first indexing in 2017. Mobile-friendliness is viewed importantly by Google, but still, many websites haven’t caught on yet.

The amount of people navigating the internet on desktops has been decreasing for some years now, while the number of people browsing the web on mobile devices has been steadily going up.

Over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, which means that more than half of your targeted audience is most likely viewing your site on their mobile phones.

You might be accidentally alienating half of your users without a mobile-friendly website design.

A website with a high bounce rate caused by not loading correctly on a phone or tablet is going to send wrong signals to Google, and your rankings could plummet.

Website Speed

Do you have an idea of what’s slowing your website down?

Chances are, it could be something to do with your web design. Website speed is an essential factor of technical SEO, and it’s a core deficiency for most websites.

Your website is too slow, and causing people to bounce quickly can be why you haven’t been ranking well.

Always keep in mind that web page speed is a known ranking signal, so you need to devote your time to speed up your site by optimizing your images, eliminating unnecessary plugins, allowing browser caching, and so on.

Now, you might think your website loads quickly enough, not knowing how long people are willing to wait. Your website should ideally load in around two seconds.

In case it takes longer than three seconds, half the users visiting your website are more likely to leave it, page speed is more critical on mobile devices, where people are even less likely to spend time waiting.

Page speed is not only relevant to users but also Google. The speed of your website impacts Google’s ability to crawl it.

In case your page speed causes Google to crawl fewer pages, you won’t have many pages getting indexed. When this occurs, it will be almost impossible for these pages to rank at all. Making sure website security through “https” encryption is necessary.

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