How to book a tatkal ticket in less than one minute’s time?

Disappointed that there are no tickets available and you have to travel in an emergency? Yes, you can do it by booking a tatkal ticket for your travel in just 30 seconds. Last minute travel booking becomes easy when it is operated through trusted websites.

Book Tatkal at pick hours

It has now become very complicated and also a huge task to get confirmed tatkal train ticket in the last peak hours of your travel. People at the stations go and stand in long queues for a long time but, at times after so many efforts they fail to get their tickets booked for the concerned date of the journey they are looking for their destination.

Easy Steps to book a Tatkal Ticket

You need to have an IRCTC Account (if you don’t have to create one with Irctc) with a valid Identity card.

  • Feed-in all details and then get your account ready
  • Enter the name of the source and the destination of the journey
  • Select the travel date from the calendar
  • Prefer using Net banking User ID and Password Ready to do the booking at Tatkal
  • You can make use of your Debit/credit card for the final payment.
  • Always use an Updated web browser (Chrome or Firefox) for better convenience with Myrailinfo add-ons.

By following all the instructions carefully you can easily get successful confirmation of the Tatkal train ticket online. In case you feel uneasy to proceed you can watch the demo video that is already uploaded in the IRCTC website as a helping guide for the users.

Limitations of Tatkal Booking

Tatkal I-Ticket cannot be booked and no refund is applicable for confirmed Tatkal tickets in any circumstances. This is strictly beyond the rules and norms of the Railway Reservation system. Tatkal tickets can be booked over the counter in a railway station and on the internet at IRCTC. The confirmed Ticket booking opens up at 10:00 AM on the day before the day of the train at the origin station. No refund is granted to the passengers once the tickets are booked.  Booking of a maximum of four passengers can be done through the Tatkal booking procedure. Even in the waitlisted Tatkal Ticket cancellations, charges are to be deducted as per the norms under the Railway rules and regulations existing then.

Book tickets in less than 1 minute

New users of Tatkal ticket booking might find it difficult to run the booking process. With the application of this trick, you can get a tatkal ticket very fast, in just 30 seconds. IRCTC is the sole authority for tatkal booking.

You can book Tatkal ticket one day in advance the journey starts in the opening day from 10 AM onwards for AC reservation. For Non-AC reservation tatkal booking commences at 11 AM. If there are any issues with the ticket booking, Tatkal notices it to the passengers beforehand with no delay policy.

Confirmation until final chart

It might so happen that the same tatkal berth or the seat is booked from other locations too.  Nothing can be made sure unless the final preparation chart is being displayed.  At times, for some scheduled trains, class, or locations tatkal train ticket booking is not at all applicable. It is therefore advised to check the tatkal booking details about availability before booking.

Final Words

The above information is the complete guide for all users who tend to book online tatkal ticket faster in just 1 minute without any extra added other cost. If you feel perfect about this guideline please share on all social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ so that other can benefit from this information.