There are different types of racking or shelving systems to suit everyone’s storage needs. They can be classified according to loading capacity as light duty racking, medium duty racking, and heavy-duty racking. Check out the differences between the three different types of racking.

Light duty racking

Light duty racking Malaysia is characterized by ease of assembly and readjusting, making them customizable to your storage needs. Light duty rack units are made of angle steel shelves that can be easily combined or adjusted on a steel plate. They provide a flexible combination that can be used with plastic turnover boxes to store different products.

Light duty racking comes in handy in warehouses that deal with small parts, electronic stores, drug storage rooms, supermarkets, display shops, etc. The racking can be made antistatic by laying special rubber sheets. The most notable features of light-duty racking are that they hold a lower weight capacity, come at a lower cost, are flexible in application, durable, and reliable.

Medium duty racking

Medium duty racking is the most popular type of racking system for storing small to medium weighted items. BasicallyBasically, it has the mainframe and subframes, which can be combined in different ways to boost the load capacity and save costs. Medium duty racking systems provide ease of assembly and dismantling, and they are easy to reconfigure as the storage needs change.

Medium duty racking is widely used in supermarkets, enterprise warehouses, shopping malls, institutions, libraries, and other applications required to store medium-weighted items. A good thing about medium-duty racking is that the units are versatile to adapt to any medium-weighted loads. Like light duty racking Malaysia, the components of a medium-duty racking can be added or replaced to optimize the available storage space.

Heavy-duty racking

With heavy-duty racking systems, the weight-bearing capacity is large, and they have the extra sturdiness to withstand heavy loads. If you need to stock heavier items that require a forklift and overhead crane to either load or unload, heavy-duty racking systems are the ideal solution for your warehouse.

Commonly used heavy-duty racking includes mezzanine floor Malaysia, selective pallet racks, drive-in racks, gravity racks, cantilevered shelves, etc., to meet the storage needs of various manufacturers.

Heavy-duty racking systems are not easy to deform and have a high space utilization and flexibility to meet the needs of modern warehouses. They are suitable for storing large volumes of supplies or items and offer you much-needed strength and durability.


Various racking systems will be different in terms of materials, specifications, and style. The material specification primarily affects the load of the racking unit, while costs may differ depending on the racking design. Have your storage needs in mind when choosing a racking solution and ensure it is easily scalable with your business growth.