Tips on Reducing Transportation Costs

  How much money do you spend commuting to and from work every month? Now, add to that total everything you spend to travel when you are off work. Altogether, it’s probably a pretty substantial sum. As long as you are interested in living frugally, transportation might be the perfect place in your budget to cut spending.

1. Do Hybrid and Electric Cars Save on Transportation Costs   

Did you know that you could save a lot of money by simply switching vehicles? Hybrid cars and electric cars both limit the amount you spend on gasoline. Each of these options presents advantages. However, there are also some limitations that you should be aware of.

Hybrid Car Cost of Transportation:
Hybrid cars utilize a combination of electricity and a traditional internal combustion engine. That means that you can recharge them by plugging them up. Plus, you can also top off the gas tank. Typically, hybrid cars utilize the electric engine unless additional power is needed. When you need extra power, it will use the internal combustion engine to provide it.

Electric Car Cost of Transportation:
Electric vehicles are becoming more popular. These do not use any gasoline at all. Instead, they rely on an entirely electric engine. Electric engines are more efficient and cost less money to operate. To determine the savings that you may get from an electric or hybrid vehicle, you need to factor the cost of charging your electric car at home.   So to expand your savings you will need to compare electric suppliers in your area to make sure you have the most affordable rate.  You also do not need to maintain them nearly as much as an internal combustion engine. That helps you save money on maintenance costs. The biggest downside is their range. Electric vehicles are not able to drive as far as gasoline vehicles. It also takes longer for them to recharge than it does to fill up the gas tank.

 2. Other Ways to Save on Transportation Costs   

If you would rather look at other ways to save on transportation costs, you are in luck. Today, it’s possible to utilize many techniques to reduce your overall transportation cost. The more consistently you apply these principles, the lower your transportation expenses will be.

Eliminate Your Commute by Working From Home: Many companies are beginning to offer workers the opportunity to work from home. Has your company given you that chance? If so, consider making the switch. When you work from home, you spend much less money and time commuting. By working from home, you could reduce your overall cost of transportation by as much as 100%.

Carpool: Traveling with other riders to the same area lets you save time, save money on commuting costs, meet new people, enjoy some company on your commute, and helps cut congestion.  Check ride-sharing resources in your area.  Some companies post ride-sharing boards, or provide other resources to help employees carpool.  Some localities, such as King County in Washington state even have an App to help.  If you live in that area try their Scoop app, if not check to see if there is something similar where you live.

Use Public Transportation: Almost anywhere you live, there is some form of public transportation, buses, trains, subways or whatever.  If you haven’t checked for a while, you might be surprised at how clean, convenient and inexpensive it is to take the bus!

Making Your Commute Manageable on the Wallet  
Commuting is a part of life for most people. However, it does not have to be. Even people who must continue to commute to work can find ways to limit the expense. Follow the advice from this article, and see how much you can save.