Simple and Modern Ring Designs For Women

Not everyone is fond of intricate and elaborate designs. Some people always strive for simplicity. Simple gold rings are definitely the preferred possessions for ladies who find beauty in simple and subtle designs. Well, there is a prevalent misconception that simple rings have limited options. Also, people think that for simple jewelry lovers there are a handful of designs and minimal scope for personalization. This is absolutely false because when it comes to simple ring options, you’ll never run out of elegant designs. There are thousands and thousands of captivating simple yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold ring designs waiting to adorn your hands. Each and every simple ring design can be as unique as you. 

Without any further ado, let’s explore some simple and modern ring designs. 

Simple Gold Ring Design variations

As discussed above, simple rings are available in a huge variety, and you are not restricted to few choices at all. Given below are some popular options you can go for: 

1. Simple bands: Bands are simple yet full of beauty. These are the plain rings with round bands. Bands are probably the simplest ring types. The bands are appealing and equally comfortable to wear. Be it any occasion or outfit, a band adorned on your finger will grab attention. Moreover, it is interesting to know that there is also a special range of personalized couple bands available for lovebirds.    

2. Solitaire diamond ring: Solitaire rings are the most common engagement rings. These are basically single stone diamond rings available in distinct diamond cuts. The unique shape and cut of the diamond in the solitaire ring creates a graceful look. Some options for diamond cuts are princess, Asscher, emerald, marquise, emerald, and cushion. A solitaire ring will accord you a unique look while preserving simplicity. 

3. Thin Ribbon ring design: A thin ribbon gold ring can add magic to your personality. It defines feminism and simplicity at the best. This plain ring features a twisted ribbon like pattern which is quite impactful. Additionally, if you want to flaunt a regal look this ring is all you need. It is simple, charming yet stylish to complement your everyday look. 

4. Infinity Ring design: Infinity is quite a popular ring design among ladies. Featuring an infinity shape, this ring is full of meaning. But it doesn’t lack in terms of beauty and elegance at all. This classic ring adds a touch of uniqueness to your outfit. Unlike, traditional designs, it is something new and captivating. More importantly, it creates a nice effect while keeping things simple. 

5. Basket Diamond ring: As its name suggests, the basket diamond ring is distinguished by its basket-shaped setting that extends up from the base of the band holding diamond. This ring works amazingly with all kinds of outfits. It is a perfect piece for a woman desiring a classic design with a bit of flair. 

So, there are ample options. Apart from the above-mentioned designs, there are more simple ring design options available to explore.