Marketing a business is never easy, especially with all the competition that is in the market. Some business owners also suffer a lack of funds to market their businesses. However, you don’t have to break the bank to win some customers. The secret is putting more effort into retaining your existing customers who will win you more buyers through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. It is an easy and less expensive way of earning loyal customers.

Soliciting customer loyalty is never easy, though. You need to think out of the box. Give your customers a reason to stick with you amid all other businesses with the same offerings out there. Plus, customers are not bound by anything to stick with you, which makes it even trickier. People always like to try out new brands and are motivated by businesses that have customer promotions. Now, that brings a perfect opportunity to get hold of them. Since customers are always attracted to offers and promotions, you can develop customer loyalty programs such as a convenience store loyalty program to increase sales and customer retention. The best thing about loyalty programs is that they have the potential to increase the number of purchases an existing customer makes annually. It also prevents them from visiting your competitor since they want to get the most out of the loyalty program.

You may not have the capacity to create a loyalty app, but you can liaise with marketing companies to give you a platform to facilitate that. Most of these companies manage the reward program for you, including vetting the winners and rewarding them. That can be a great way to create a customer base within your budget and ability. Let us look at the different loyalty programs you can utilize to earn a good relationship with your customers and win their loyalty.

Use email rewards

Earlier, stores would send physical mailers with coupons to their customer addresses to reward them. That would help cover a large number of people demographically and was quite responsive. But that is challenging since, as a business owner, you have to facilitate the posting costs, and it may be challenging to select who to reward. But things are easier now since everyone is regularly using the internet. Emails remain to be the most effective way of marketing since they are versatile. You can use the channel to notify your customers of new promotions and discounts on items they frequently purchase, get feedback, and personalize your relationship with them.

Emails work more efficiently than a physical mailing campaign when it comes to rewarding customers. You can have a signing book where customers enter their email addresses, but you have to mention special deals if you want them to leave their email addresses. You can reward loyal customers with different types of cstore rewards such as birthday gifts, exclusive or personalized bonuses, special sales, etc. By using emails as a reward system, your customers only have to use their email account to access a reward, making it convenient for them and easy to use. You may consider other automated ways of rewarding your customers as your business grows. You can use advanced email marketing options that send triggered emails based on customer behavior, thus simplifying your marketing work.

Liaise with a third party reward company

Reward programs are a way to reward your customers for purchases made. It can be in the form of rewards such as a percentage discount on all the purchases made, loyalty points, a fuel rewards program, brand dollars, or any other way you find suitable. Customers love rewards, which gives them a reason to visit your store. If you have never initiated a reward program before, you may find it hard to begin one, especially since you may be dealing with many customers.

Fortunately, there are third-party companies that offer reward programs for businesses. They manage the reward platform on your behalf since they have the expertise to keep up with the trends customers use for making purchases. Most importantly, such a company will offer you digital marketing services to help expose your brand to new customer bases. That can be an excellent way to create customer retention while focusing on the primary task of running your business.

Scannable membership cards

This is probably the most widely used loyalty program by stores, and it has proven to be effective. A membership card is a loyalty card that earns a customer a certain number of points depending on their purchases and how frequently they do it. On achieving a specific number, they can make purchases worth the loyalty point. That is a great way to incentivize your customers, which in turn creates a loyal customer base. The customer will not risk shopping at your competitor’s and miss the loyalty points. The cards are usually scannable and work by swiping at the point of sale. It is a constant reminder to your customer that they are part of their favorite retail store and enjoy membership benefits. However, you have to ensure the customers’ satisfaction by providing them with quality products. Otherwise, they will have no reason to shop at your place. In most cases, customers apply for loyalty cards when they are satisfied with your services.

‘Members only’ rewards

You can create a members-only option for your business to make loyal customers feel like they are part of an exclusive club. That means you have the opportunity to charge a membership fee, but you have to make sure that the benefits you give the customers commensurate to the membership charge. You can also give away the membership for free but with special discounts and incentives that are not available through any other reward program.

The logic behind membership-only rewards is to encourage customers to get their rewards back by shopping more, converting the existing customer base to sales.


If you want to grow your business more, learn how to maintain a loyal customer base by offering your customers incentives. It is easier to introduce a new brand to existing customers who will help you market it through word of mouth and referrals but with motivations. A loyal customer base results in continuous business growth.