Sciospec – Electric Impedance. At Its Best

Sciospec Scientific Instruments concentrates on services for electrical impedance spectroscopy, impedance tomography and various other electrochemical/-logical techniques. Key applications are bio-analytics, biosensors, material science as well as process control.

From tiny scale biochip and also point of treatment remedies over multichannel biochip-readers approximately massive-multichannel options for fully automated commercial process control or high material screening for medicinal testing – scalability is in our DNA.

Sciospec innovation in the form of OEM solutions goes to the heart of many items for bioanalytical as well as medical applications. At the same time, our highly customizable solutions enable turn-key research, power the next generation semiconductor production as well as allow brand-new levels in scalability for automated component test applications throughout the world.

While a lot of our activities target customer details remedies and OEM systems, Sciospec also uses a broad scheme of standard options for electroanalytical approaches. Impedance spectroscopy, impedance tomography as well as electrophysiological methods along with solutions for electrochemical techniques in form of potentiostats form the key classifications of the item profile.

Impedance analyzers from small to large are the foundation of foundation of our laboratory items. The ISX-3, despite its little type aspects and also price performance, is the best solution for almost all conventional applications of complicated impedance measurement. The system provides arrays from 100 µHz to 10 MHz (optional extension to 100 MHz) and also 1 mΩ to 1 TΩ coupled with 0.01% base precision and also the fastest measurement rates amongst the area of rivals. Numerous add-on and extension options as well as versatile user interfaces allow the ISX-3 beam also in one of the most intricate use situations. A fine example for such are the powerful multiplexers that can be directly incorporated into the tool. Thanks to their true any-to-any (N: M) arrangement as well as channel counts up to 256 unlimited possibilities for sequential multichannel applications occur. For truly identical acquisition demands and advanced multichannel dimension settings the ISX-5 allows for approximately 16 impedance measurement components to be outfitted in parallel– each extendable with more multiplexed channels. Both systems are additionally readily available in a “medical research” variation, specifically targeting study applications in medical environments. This variant sets our sector leading attributes for impedance spectroscopy with safety measures according to IEC 60601-1.

A specialized sort of impedance measurement is the imaging technique called electrical impedance tomography. Here the dimension values of numerous measurement channels are algorithmically combined for a picture restoration to derive and also picture spatial distributions of electric buildings. While Sciospec ´ s multichannel insusceptibility analyzers can be outfitted with impedance tomography measurement modes, our product profile also includes very specialized solutions for this. Sciospec EIT systems (EIT = electric impedance tomography) range from 16 to 256 channels and deal industry large incomparable feature sets for almost all typical EIT applications. In default setup the tools consist of arrays from 100 Hz to 1 MHz, multi regularity measurement settings, openly configurable existing paths/injection patterns, framework rates of approximately 100 frames per 2nd and also a lot more alternatives.

Particularly developed for bioanalytical applications, Sciospec uses a range of sensor adapters– making impedance spectroscopy and impedance tomography readily available on numerous commonly found formats of biosensors and also electrode ranges. Beyond that, a number of tool systems for massive-multichannel impedance spectroscopy and also advanced electrophysiological strategies are available with completely or semi-parallel alternatives for as many as a number thousand networks. Generated from this, Sciospec technology is powering numerous of the presently offered systems for resistance dimensions on cell-based assays as well as biosensors by multiple market-leading brands.

Bottom line: Sciospec offers an extensive solution portfolio for electroanalytical methods. From electrical impedance spectroscopy and impedance tomography, over electrochemical techniques approximately specialized electrophysiological techniques, Sciospec gives standard products along with customer certain and OEM solutions.