How to Optimize IT to Increase Internal Productivity

Every business owner would agree that increasing internal productivity in a work environment is a huge challenge. Statistics suggest that improving overall team performance is becoming tougher each day for managers. And you don’t need solid proof to admit that negative productivity influences work quality, employee engagement, and business revenue.

There is good news for business managers out there. Integrating various IT software and AI tools to improve business productivity is possible and even simpler than traditional methods. But, how does optimizing IT tools increase internal productivity? If that’s what you are thinking right now, then you will find these IT solutions effective:

Simplify Small Daily Tasks

Small and repetitive tasks can slow your employees. Although these tasks might take a few seconds and minutes, while they are in the middle of a major task, they might get distracted. These tasks take plenty of your employees’ valuable time. By integrating IT tools and solutions, you can improve workplace routine by minimizing steps that employees require to complete small tasks. As a result, employees can complete their tasks without stressing out.

For instance, if your employees want to access password-protected files, they can use password management tools to save their time. With password management tools, they won’t have to send an email to authors and wait for them to send the actual password. This practice saves a significant amount of time without causing data security issues. 

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Are your employees still using time cards and timesheets to time in? If yes, then they are wasting their time creating and maintaining manual time entries. You can integrate time tracking tools that automatically times in for employees when they turn on their systems in the morning. That way you can reduce time theft and save thousands of dollars for your company.

Furthermore, managing and auditing manual timesheets waste a tremendous amount of time for your HR managers. They don’t have to correct erroneous time entries at the end of the month. Instead, they can simply export attendance reports whenever they want in a couple of minutes.

There are numerous other tools to automate repetitive tasks such as sending an email to multiple clients and uploading products on your website. Optimizing these IT tools saves a significant amount of time and improves employees’ overall productivity.

Create Group Chats

Miscommunication can cost your business a fortune. According to Debra Hamilton, small companies under 100 employees lose more than $420,000 a year because of miscommunication between employees. Therefore, you should use a communication tool to streamline internal conversations and minimize mistakes. Improved communication positively influences employees’ productivity as they will share and receive accurate information. 

Furthermore, they can easily track instructions from their managers before executing a task. Group messaging applications such as Fleep or Slack streamline internal communication and enable employees to discuss project details through their desktop and mobile devices.

Protect Critical Information

Whether you have a small or large business, you cannot afford to lose critical data. Data breaches disrupt business productivity and motivation. Hackers get into computers and steal information through employees’ accounts. Luckily, you can take various measures to protect your systems from cyberattacks using technology tools.

Cybersecurity starts with the identification of possible threats. You can collaborate with IT consulting services to evaluate your risks of security threats. For instance, when your employees use public WiFi to access the company’s platform, cybercriminals and hackers can easily breach the system.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your company follows effective practices to protect critical information. For instance, you can educate employees to choose strong passwords and regularly update devices. This will fix security issues and eventually increase internal productivity. Numerous tools are available to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Eliminate Manual File Sharing

You might feel irritated when you urgently need a file and your employees aren’t online. This is a huge issue that slows down the business process. Sharing files is a basic task that employees perform every day. This is a common productivity killer most of the time. In this condition, you should use file-sharing and storage tools such as Box or Dropbox to access important files.

Using file-sharing tools, employees can also track their history and export previous files. Furthermore, teams can work on the same file with these IT solutions and leave comments, track changes, and modify access to the files. As a result, employees can focus on work without delays. 


The IT industry provides a wide range of tools to businesses so they can streamline their business process and increase internal productivity. If you want to simplify your business tasks, you should invest in these tools. However, choosing the right tools can be a bit challenging at first. You can consult a professional IT consulting team to help you build a robust high-tech business structure that guarantees productivity.