offers a beginner’s guide to pistol accessories

A definitive guide to the best pistol accessories for beginners and how to choose them.

As almost any pistol owner will attest, the available accessories list is extensive and, seemingly, ever-growing. From basic holsters to upgraded triggers, the team takes a closer look at several must-have and popular pistol accessories for beginners.


While most pistols will serve perfectly well straight out of the box, a holster is often a necessary additional purchase for many new owners. From simple plastic polymer versions to exotic high-end leather holsters, the options are almost endless.

Fit, as reports, is generally among the most important considerations, as is how well a holster is made. As such, new pistol owners are advised not to rush into making a purchase but, instead, to be patient and look for a well-made and comfortable holster that also represents good value for money.

Tactical lights

Similarly useful for and popular among new pistol owners are tactical lights. Most commonly affixed to an included accessory rail, tactical lights are a practical addition, often proving to be highly beneficial in all manner of scenarios.

What’s more, ever-advancing lighting technology means that many of today’s incredibly bright tactical lights are now more compact than ever, too, making them astonishingly easy to have on almost any pistol.

Low-light sights

Depending on the intended use, a low-light sight may also be beneficial, according to’s experts. Also known as night sights, most utilize a tritium material that fluoresces in the dark or other low-light situations.

With a wide variety to choose from, research is advised to select a night sight that other gun owners recommend and, at the same time, also represents value for money, particularly for beginners.

Aftermarket slides

According to data from the online marketplace, aftermarket slides are now becoming more and more popular, including with new pistol owners.

Often more aesthetically pleasing than standard slides, they’re a neat way of both improving a gun’s standard equipment and of customizing a pistol’s appearance to suit its owner at the same time, the team suggests.

Upgraded triggers

Another popular area to upgrade, meanwhile, is a pistol’s trigger. Designed with improved performance in mind, first and foremost, available features of aftermarket triggers are both broad and plentiful, including a shorter trigger reset and an improved pivot.

A new trigger is also an upgrade that’s similarly popular among brand new and highly seasoned owners alike, with the latter, for example, states, often keen to invest in super-light competition triggers and other similarly specialized choices.

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