Three reasons to build an ADU on your property

Getting the maximum use out of your property is something that should be important to any homeowner. For many, creating more living space through an Accessory Dwelling Unit is the solution to challenges such as helping loved ones or creating an additional stream of income. Here are a few great reasons to build an ADU on your property.

Caring for aging parents

An ADU can create a solution by keeping aging parents close by while giving them a sense of independence provided by having their own space. Privacy concerns are often a real issue with multigenerational living, but having an attached or separate unit on your property with its own entrance may be the right answer for your family. You will have the peace of mind of having parents close by to care for them when needed, while they can maintain some independence.

Assisting adult children

Parents often look forward to seeing their children “leave the nest” but there are times when they need a little extra help. Having an ADU gives you the flexibility to lend a hand to your children when life throws them a curveball. From global pandemics and a struggling job market to relationship changes that require a new living situation, moving back home sometimes is the best solution for everyone.

Creating a rental unit

If money is tight, an ADU can provide a steady stream of income when used as a rental unit. Whether you choose to become a full-time landlord and take on tenants or offer your ADU as a vacation rental through online services, you can fill income gaps, pad your retirement income, or simply use the money as a rainy day fund. Plus, you will still have your extra space in the event a loved one is in need of your help. Whether you have an unused garage or even just a large lot with extra space to build, an Accessory Dwelling Unit can be a wonderful investment for many homeowners. Whether you have an immediate need to solve or are just planning for the future, the safety net provided by an ADU will bring peace of mind.