Flowers of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and now is the time to reflect on what you are most grateful for. And what more tasteful way is there to make your gratitude known than with a floral arrangement? Read on to find out what flowers from FloralN5 will best express your heart.


Cheery and uplifting, sunflowers are sure to put a smile on the face of someone important to you. Sunflowers move to face the sun, making them the ideal gift to thank someone who helped you find the light in your life.


Hydrangeas make a gentle gesture of thanks for kindness and understanding. These soft and sweet flowers bloom generously, balancing volume with delicate heart-shaped florets that tell of plentiful affection.


Orchids possess an innate elegance paired with a rich, warm personality. As such, they make for a perfect professional gift for your colleague, or perhaps an impressive offering to your in-laws. As orchids can last for years and flower many times, they signify your desire to engage in a long and enduring relationship.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas are much prized for their delicate tendrils and sweet scent. Their fluttery, ruffled petals express much sentimentality and commonly signify “thank you for a wonderful time.” They can also mean adieu, so may be appropriate to send as a fond farewell.


Roses, of course, are a classic you can’t go wrong with. They aren’t necessarily romantic, and the message sent will vary depending on the hue of the flower. Select a dark or hot pink rose to recognize anyone meaningful to you. A pale or peach rose also conveys appreciation, gratitude, and grace.


Lilies, like roses, all come down to the color. Pick out a yellow lily to express thanks and a wish for happy days and gladdening thoughts. Lilies of any shade also often represent humility and devotion, values that go hand-in-hand with gratitude.


Finally, lisianthus symbolize appreciation, admiration, and charisma. Lovely in name and in aspect, this perennial is one sweet way of saying thank you.