Everything you Need to Know About the Sofa Bed

Very often the sofa is an integral part of the interior. You can put it in the living room, bedroom, children’s room, office. It will look very harmonious everywhere. Let’s take a look at the sleeper-sofa. Its name makes it quite clear that this piece of furniture can perform two functions. During the day it is a place to sit, and at night it is a place to sleep. And this is its most important advantage.

Quite popular are the corner sofa. When assembled, it takes up little space. If necessary, it can be quickly and easily transformed into a bed. The bedding sofa makes it possible to save space in the room.

How to Choose a Sofa Bed?

It is necessary to approach the choice of the sofa very responsible. You should pay attention to a number of criteria. The main ones are durability, convenience, strength of the transformation mechanism, reliability, and wear resistance. But this is only a critical minimum. Today, the requirements of customers have increased significantly. People are looking for not just a quality product, but also its compliance with fashion trends in the world of furniture. Also, many buyers value the uniqueness of their sofa, a harmonious look in the interior of the room.

What Materials are Used to Make Sofas?

Frame. This is the base of the sleeper sofa. Therefore, it is desirable that it be of high quality. The best options would be wood, namely birch. You can also use oak, beech, pine. Metal is a common frame material. Sometimes plywood, chipboard, MDF are used. But these are more budgetary and less durable materials.

Filling. This function can be performed by different soft materials: natural and artificial fillers. The first include felt, batting, latex. Varieties of the second are synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, polyurethane. Spring blocks are also widely used as a filler for sofas. They are the most durable.

Upholstery. The appearance of the furniture, of course, is of great importance. But when choosing upholstery, you need to be guided by not only this. It is important to understand that the service life of your sofa depends on its quality.

Sleeper sofas are versatile furniture product. That is why you can afford to purchase a model of excellent quality. After all, it is not a single-functional thing. So the quality must be high. If you make every effort to choose the frame, filler and upholstery, then your bedding sofa will serve you for a long time.