Discover the best software to make beautiful videos: Flixier

For those looking to make beautiful and engaging videos easily, here is the best music and picture video maker video for both beginners and professionals: Flixier. Flixier is a fully-fledged fast video editor that functions straight out of your web browser. It’s one of the best online video editors. With this service, you can make professional-looking video masterpieces. 

What is Flixier? 

Flixier uses the power of cloud computing to deliver an excellent online video making experience. With Flixier, users edit their videos directly through their web browser and all the heavy lifting like video encoding and rendering is handled by Flixier’s powerful cloud servers.

Getting started is as easy as importing some media and dragging your clips onto the timeline, as with any other video editor. As far as free video editors go, Flixier is hands down the best.

Flixier’s top features

If you’re still on the fence on how Flixier can help you develop beautiful video content, here are some compelling reasons why the service is the best free video maker. 

Hundreds of Free Templates 

If you were to edit your video with any other editor, it would take a lot of time and effort to create stunning titles and transitions. 

Using Flixier, you can create video content that looks utterly professional by choosing from a library of over 100 motion titles templates. Each of them can be customized to meet your project’s needs, allowing you to choose the right effects and transitions for your style and tone. 

You can adjust the animation properties of these motion titles, or easily keyframe your own motion. This great feature makes Flixier the best animation video maker

Import Directly from YouTube or Vimeo

If you want to make compilation videos from clips on the Internet, Flixier allows you to import directly into the timeline. If you were to do this without an online video maker, you would need to download the video to your device and then upload it to the editor.

Flixier includes a feature to import using a YouTube or Vimeo URL. Instead of using your internet connection to pull the clip from YouTube, Flixier’s ultrafast data centers download the videos and inserts them straight into your project. It’s lightning fast and videos can be imported in seconds, not minutes.  

Lightning-Fast Render Times 

The boffins at Flixier have developed a unique advanced video encoding system that dramatically speeds up render times. With traditional video editors, you can expect render times of hours for longer videos, depending on the power of your PC.

Flixier’s video rendering horsepower comes from the powerful cloud computers that power the service, leading to fast rendering times. 

Short videos can be rendered in under a minute while videos of 1-2 hours can be saved to your device or uploaded in as little as three minutes. 


If you’re looking for an easy way to create beautiful videos in minutes online for free, Flixier is the best online video maker around.

Get started today at to start editing your videos and render with watermarks for free. Once you’re done and want to render your final product, you can upgrade to the Creator tier for $10 a month to render at 1080p without watermarks.