6 Benefits of Integrated Marketing For Your Brand

Integrated marketing can be an effective way to grow your business. In essence, integrated marketing is an omnichannel marketing strategy to deliver a unified message on marketing touchpoints. Doing so would bring a seamless and consistent experience for your target audience.

The result of doing it will give a satisfying buyer’s journey to your target audience. On the contrary, your brand can look and sound disconnected if you do not utilise integrated marketing.

Therefore, you need to incorporate integrated marketing because it also gives these six advantages for your brand.

Solid brand awareness

You can develop your brand awareness to become more solid than ever with integrated marketing.

But, how to do it?

You can start by creating and sticking to your brand guidelines. The brand guidelines should consist of brand voice, tone, and identity, which you will use as the principle for all marketing materials you are going to produce.

Using guidelines in creating marketing materials can help you deliver a consistent and unified brand voice, tone, and identity on every touchpoint. As a result, you can develop solid brand awareness over time.

Bring your brand in more than one channel

Integrated marketing is all about the omnichannel approach. And that means you must make use of online and offline channels. The goal, of course, is to amplify your brand and secure sales from those channels.

In other words, your target audience can encounter your brand in their real-life or when they surf the internet. For instance, a potential customer can see your advertisement on a train station, discover about your brand when they read a magazine, and come across your brand on social media or search engines.

And if you successfully deliver a pleasant buyer’s journey on those touchpoints, you can help the growth of your brand.

Your target audience can easily discover your brand

As mentioned above, your brand will show up on many marketing channels, whether online or offline. As a result, people who never heard of your brand can discover you easily if you use integrated marketing strategies.

For example, you can share the words—that is in line with best practices of integrated marketing—about your brand through efforts, such as:

  • Media buying for advertising in a magazine
  • Lift advertising
  • Advertisement on the train station or bus stop
  • Owned media, such as perform best practices of SEO for your website and doing video marketing with YouTube channel of your brand

Broad reach

You should not stop on offline channels and your owned media. Amplify the voice of your brand by planning for marketing in digital channels too. You can use paid media to help you get this benefit.

Some ideas you can try are:

  • Use loyalty marketing program to work on retaining customers
  • Paid collaborations with content creators (YouTubers, bloggers), social media influencers, and podcasters
  • Do social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, even TikTok

Receive valuable and actionable insights

Integrated marketing utilise technology at its heart. Doing integrated marketing means you will use analytic platforms. Those platforms can help brands to get data on the performance of their marketing.

In simple terms, you can gain data into your marketing campaigns. Then, you can take a look into the data and turn them into actionable insights to evaluate your marketing strategy or help create a better campaign in the future.

Also, you can use technology to track the performance of marketing campaigns in offline channels. For instance, create a trackable QR code to be placed on marketing materials in offline channels. The QR code will provide a seamless experience for your audience and obtain data for your marketing needs, like how many scans a code received.

Satisfying customer support experience

Integrated marketing means bringing consolidated, consistent, and seamless experiences for your target audience. Therefore, you need to think of your customer support as part of your marketing too.

Bring a seamless and satisfying customer support experience by making your brand easy to interact with. Make your brand available on WhatsApp, Telegram, DMs of social media so they can talk with your brand directly. Also, you can try to incorporate chatbots too.

Why do you need to make customer support part of your integrated marketing too?

That is because customer support is also a touchpoint. Creating a better experience for your customer support means a better chance to acquire or maintain your customers.