Yes – Messaging on Poshmark Is a Bit Different

As a social media platform, you would think that Poshmark would have a private messaging feature. As an e-commerce platform, you would expect it to have a dedicated tool for contacting sellers. But Poshmark has neither. You can still message on the platform but doing so is a bit different compared to other social media and e-commerce sites.

PoshyVA is a company that offers virtual assistant services to Poshmark sellers. They say messaging on the platform is actually pretty easy once you get used to it. Below are the three methods by which members can message one another. However, PoshyVA says there is one thing to remember: messages are automatically made. Anyone can read what you write.

Method #1: Comment Through a Listing

The easiest way to message someone is to comment on one of their listings. In fact, given the nature of the platform as a selling tool, this might be the most common way users exchange messages. Doing so is pretty simple. If you are already on a listing from a member you want to communicate with, just click the comment icon. In an instant, a comment box will appear along with a cursor. Type your message and send.

If you’re not looking at a specific listing but know who you want to communicate with, search for that member as you normally would. Find one of the members listings, click on it, and then follow the same process described in the previous paragraph.

Method #2: Meet the Posher

Every new Poshmark account includes a separate ‘Meet the Posher’ listing. You can directly message another user through that listing without having to comment on a closet listing. Note that users have the option to delete their Meet the Posher listings if they choose.

Because it is a separate listing, Meet the Posher might be hard to find in closets with lots of items. In such a case, you can always click the ‘About’ button on any listing in a person’s closet to bring up the Meet the Posher listing separately – provided it hasn’t been deleted.

Method #3: Message Through a Bundle

The third way to message other members is sort of a roundabout process, but it works. Rather than commenting on a listing or going through Meet the Posher, you can communicate with other members by either creating or reviewing bundles.

A Posh bundle is a collection of items that appear together on a member’s page. Sellers can send items to buyer bundles by sharing them specifically to those buyers, as opposed to all their followers or to special events. Buyers can create bundles by liking items and adding them to their bundles through their respective listings.

Once an item appears in a bundle, both seller and buyer can message one another through the bundle. Messages are still made public, but they are harder to find because Poshmark users only have direct access to their own bundles. They would have to go digging for a particular item or buyer/seller to find bundle items through which messages are being exchanged.

PoshyVA offers one more caution about messaging: be careful about the messages you send to other members. Because messages are public, it is easier to get yourself in trouble with the platform compared to other social media sites. Type messages that Poshmark deems offensive, and you could find yourself on the way out.

Yes, messaging on Poshmark is a bit different. But that is because the platform is quite different. It is both an e-commerce site and a social media platform. Therefore, it plays by its own rules.