Why Most Truck Business Owners Prefer Peterbilt

Peterbilt claims to have created a strong heritage of being the ‘Class’ of the industry throughout its more than 80 years of existence, says the website. It means delivering only the best-in-class products coupled with world-class service. People involved in the company worked hard to keep the Peterbilt service and customer care of the highest quality standards.

They said further that the customer will always be at the heart of everything they do as they design, engineer, build, sell and support their trucks. And when speaking about customers, these actually refer to the drivers, operators, and owners of Peterbilt trucks whom they consider as their business partners.

If you think you belong to any of these classifications, might as well start saving money to buy your first ever Peterbilt semi. With the best, the most efficient as well as the most profitable big rig, your business can never go wrong!

Peterbilt, probably one of the most popular brands in America, has its particular engineering and design that make their products unique. Here are the factors why many truck business owners choose Peterbilt.


What’s so special about Peterbilt is that all their products are known for their superior builds. Well-made and reliable 18-wheelers bearing the Peterbilt brand is a name that’s hard to beat. As compared to Freightliners, the Peterbilt semis are more comfortable and long-lasting aside from having powerful drivetrains, as attested by seasoned truckers.


Peterbilt trucks are well known for their longevity. They have outperformed other truck makers because their tractor-trailers stay much longer on the road. It’s in this aspect that you can save money in the long run.

To show how long a Peterbilt lasts – it’s between 750,000 to 1,000,000 miles but only if you give your unit proper care and regular maintenance. This is primarily because Peterbilt trucks are made to last without a rebuild of any type. While an average semi can last more than a million miles, unfortunately, not all can get to the million-mile mark. But a well-maintained Peterbilt can possibly hit the mark! Yet, it also depends upon the kind of terrain and the way the big rig is driven.


Fuel economy, technology and comfort for drivers are just some of the reasons why the Peterbilt 579 models are perfect for business. In truth, all of the vehicles bearing the Peterbilt trademark are equipped with modern active and passive safety features that provide protection not only to drivers but also to the people around the trucks. Check out their Collision Mitigation Systems, Lighting Technology as well as Visibility mechanisms when you search for the vehicle that you intend to buy.

Likewise, check out the Peterbilt Driver Tutorial Video Series for a quick glimpse of the key features of the Model 579. If you want to know more about the 2016 Peterbilt 579, visit usedvending.com.