Where Do People Buy Sunglasses?

The title to this article is something of a curious question. What do we mean by this? Where, in the world, do people buy the most sunglasses? From which type of outlet do people most commonly buy sunglasses? In what type of climate do sunglasses sell the best? These are all important questions to consider if you are contemplating including sunglasses in your store or e-commerce site inventory. All businesses need to rely on a dependable customer base, and the size of a likely customer base for any given product can vary quite a lot from place to place.

What Type of Sunglasses?

When it comes to the type of outlets that typically sell sunglasses, we can divide the candidates into two broad camps. Specialized high fashion sunglasses outlets (sometimes devoted to a single brand) and everything else. The first of these, naturally, only sells a specific type of sunglasses, namely the prestigious brand, high price tag sunglasses. You will notice we don’t say “quality” here because, as it happens, sunglasses are one product that does not see a directly proportional increase in quality with price.

This is not to say that low-quality sunglasses do not exist, and you should be sure to select a supplier that can provide stylish sunglasses that are durable and provide adequate UV protection (Olympic Eyewear is much recommended). The reason why the super-expensive sunglasses are so expensive is far more to do with celebrity endorsement and brand prestige than their actual quality. And if you’re selling the expensive ones, then chances are you run a specialized outlet. But for cheaper bulk sunglasses, you could potentially sell them anywhere. 

What Do People Want?

Another reason why quality lower-price sunglasses can be expected to sell just as well (if not better) than big brand names is down to the reasons why people buy sunglasses in the first place. True, some fashionistas are looking for the prestige, but many other people are simply attracted by a quality pair of sunglasses or need them for practical reasons in a pinch. Sunglasses can be purchased for comfort on sunny days, for safety when driving, for winter sports, as a last-minute vacation purchase, as well as many other reasons. For those purchasing for these reasons, a $500 pair of Ray Bans is hardly necessary.

Where Do Sunglasses Sell Best?

So where do sunglasses sell best? Here are a handful of circumstances where you can expect them to fly off the rack.

In Brick-and-Mortar Outlets

Sunglasses can be purchased online, but market research has shown that the vast majority are still sold from physical outlets. The reason for this is that they are inexpensive and typically bought without much forethought (such as visiting a specialized website).

Sunny Places

The wide appeal of sunglasses means they are even popular in places with little sun. Nevertheless, a sunny climate does help. Did you know, for example, that the Italian sunglasses market is bigger than that of Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, and Finland combined?

Off The Rack

The true potential of sunglasses is clear when you consider that impulse buys straight from the rack account for a massive proportion of global sunglasses sales. What this tells us is that almost any business can benefit from erecting a rack of inexpensive bulk-purchased sunglasses on their premises.

Anywhere Really

And that, ultimately, is the whole point. Sunglasses are purchased for a diverse array of reasons and from a diverse array of places. The reason is, of course, that they are popular among customers and cheap to acquire from suppliers. What are you waiting for?