What to Know About Packaging Materials

If you are active in ecommerce, then there is no need to mention just how important the packing stage of the order fulfillment process is. You can think of packaging as the first physical impression that your products will make on any customer. Have a trawl through reviews on Amazon, for example, and you are sure to find a few who have complained about the quality of the packaging – even if there was nothing wrong with the product itself! There are, in fact, many things you must consider when it comes to packaging.

A central part of the packaging is, of course, the materials you use. The obvious considerations here are to make sure that you use a material that can securely hold the product and protect it from damage in transit. However, that question tends to unfold like a flower, and is in fact a lot more complicated than many people would expect. Shipping and Handling of Texas, an ecommerce fulfillment company based in Houston, Texas recommend that a “secure package” also means one that can contend with transit, potentially withstand bad weather, is as easy to handle as it can be, and which fits into the transport system that is actually taking it to the customers.

Order Fulfillment

For this reason, this article should not only be of interest to those who are packing up products in their home and handling the shipping entirely on their own. The great thing about deciding to use a third-party order fulfillment service is that there is so much choice, and you can often tailor things to your specific requirements. While any order fulfillment service is worth its salt, will of course be able to advise, there is a lot to be said for knowing your products inside out. Moreover, when it comes to ecommerce, packing needs to be thought of as part of the product.

Top Tips of For Packaging

Here follows then a list of tips regarding packing with different materials. If you are handling packaging yourself, be sure to refer to this advice. If you are using an order fulfillment service, hold them to this standard.

Cardboard Boxes

Beyond a certain size of the product, this is the most commonly used type of packaging for order fulfillment in ecommerce. There is a good reason for that as it has a lot of benefits to recommend it. Cardboard boxes are sturdy yet lightweight, and they are as space efficient as they can be. They are also very cheap, and the best ones are perfectly durable. There is also a great deal of flexibility when it comes to size, although they are rarely appropriate for the smallest of items.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are those stout envelopes that feel spongey to the touch, being filled with plenty of tightly wound bubble wrap that provides a layer before you get to the product. These are lightweight, durable, and water resistant. The latter attribute here is particularly useful for certain delicate items. Bear in mind though that bubble mailers can be punctured fairly easily and are not suitable for objects with sharp corners.

Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are like envelopes that can take the shape of what is inside and are perfect for mailing something small or with an odd shape. They are again highly affordable and are the easiest type of packaging to customize. Poly mailers are becoming more popular, so they are well worth checking out.

Whatever packaging you go for, the deciding factor will of course be the product itself. Aiming for robust yet attractive packaging will ensure the customer’s first impression is a good one.