What is Amazon SEO?

Let us first begin by understanding what SEO is.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps enhance the website to increase visibility in the search results pages for related products and services. It all starts with keywords and phrases – but that’s not all!

Getting it bang on is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is a lot that goes into exploring and inserting the appropriate keywords. This is where you should consult SEO services experts.

Amazon today

What started as a mere meetup space for buyers and sellers in 2000 today has grown into an eCommerce community of entrepreneurs. From the biggest and oldest brands to the newest and smallest ones, with a whopping 2.5 million sellers, Amazon has it all.

While Amazon is a burgeoning money-making platform, the competitive landscape is as intense as it can be. Everyone wants to be next to the meat of the matter, but getting there takes a stellar Amazon SEO product strategy.

Understanding Amazon SEO

If you have come here, you already know what SEO is. Amazon SEO is an optimization strategy that helps improve the overall quality of an Amazon webpage to increase visibility and drive online traffic.

The Amazon A10 Search Engine is the powerful armoury that assists businesses cut through the competitive and complex wave. But this can only happen if brands use the tool smartly and strategically.

A common misconception among online users is that Google search engines are more efficient than those of Amazon. But, research reveals quite the contrary. Between 2015 to 2018, Amazon surpassed Google for product searches, such that 54% of product searches took place via Amazon.

What is the A10 Search Engine?

Amazon A10 is a subsidiary of Amazon that developed search engine technology. It is the Amazon brainchild that makes buying and selling an efficient endeavour on the platform.

The crux is that the engine cognition focuses on “revenue-per-click”. Given its focus, it bids good riddance to other absolute measures such as impressions.

You see, impressions are mere viewerships. Products with the highest views do not necessarily garner the most sales or revenues. With that said, every customer query presents results that are the best match from the eCommerce marketplace catalogue.

The Two Essential Ranking Factors

For new sellers, nailing the product ranking can seem overwhelming. First, due to lack of experience and second, because of the cut-throat competitive landscape and a continuously evolving search engine algorithm. The following ranking factors come to the rescue:

  • Selling quality and reliable products quickly and efficiently
  • Mastering the Amazon keywords

What is the Sales Velocity Factor?

The sales velocity metric reflects the speed at which a product gets sold on the platform. The correlation with Amazon SEO is that the more the revenue generated on the Amazon platform, the higher the ranking. This is the revenue-per-click cognition mentioned above.

More so, have a compelling sales resume, and Amazon shall pamper you with a special preference and treatment. Reinforcing sales velocity can also be done via stellar PPC or Pay-Per-Click campaigns, evaluating product conversion rates and enhancing customer ratings and reviews. There is a lot that Amazon offers to increase sales and revenue conversions.

Mastering keywords in Amazon SEO

The second factor for featuring at the apex of the search engine food chain is keywords mastery. Although an advanced algorithm, the A10 will only work for you if you work for it by feeding in the appropriate language through relevant keywords. A few tips that come in handy are:

  • Understand your target audience – To jostle to the top of the search engine, the first thing that your business should master is a deep understanding of its target audience. For instance, if you are selling fitness supplements and accessories, avoid using generic terms such as gym and fit. A superior approach would be to go for relevant keywords such as sports gear, protein supplements and sports shoes.
  • Incorporate keywords in product listing – When ranking on Amazon searches, relevant keywords should feature in the products listings. The great news is you only need to do it once.
  • Learn about backend keywords – Backend keywords are not visible to the end-users or visitors, yet these merit consideration and prevalence when contemplating your ranking. If you have a long list and do not want to include all of them in the products listings, the rest can go into the backend. Doing so helps maximize the leads by ranking for other searches.

Optimizing Product Listing

The ingredients to platform success are relevance and quality. The best possible product listing will give you that headstart and put you leaps ahead of the competition. So make sure that you have a stellar product listing approach. The reason is this helps augment the click-through rates or CTR, which thereby increases the conversion rates.

To begin with, you need one heck of a Sales Copy. From the product title to the description to the colour and design, make sure it is all crisp and concise. Also, have in place bullet pointers for highlighting the features and benefits.

Secondly, get on with the aesthetics. The photos should be high-resolution with the right lighting intensity. Also, click the photos from multiple angles. Doing so helps with clarity as it offers a visual tour to the online audience into your product.


Amazon SEO is an optimization strategy that helps improve the overall quality of an Amazon webpage to increase visibility. Increasing visibility requires mastering the two essential factors of sales velocity and keyword mastery. Once done, the next step is to have a stellar sales copy. Finally, captivating aesthetics through multi-angled and visually appealing photographs are what shall make you rise up the ranks effectively.