What are Diamond Saw Blades Used For?

A metal cutting blade is a powerful tool used to cut a variety of materials, including steel plate, thin steel, aluminum, rebar, angle iron, and more. Metal blades have varying numbers of teeth, depending on their use. These teeth can be of different shapes and sizes and are used for a variety of purposes.

Although these metal blades are suitable to use on a range of materials for heavy-duty cutting, according to the experts at Devour Tools there are times when reinforcement is necessary. They say that when it comes to cutting extremely hard metals or concrete, a much more powerful blade is the answer. This comes in the form of diamond saw blades.

What Are Diamond Saw Blades?

Those who have never used a diamond saw blade before might be forgiven for assuming that the blade is encrusted with diamonds, but this is not accurate. In fact, the blade does use diamond but not in the form that most of us are familiar with. The diamonds used in blade saws are not the same as those found in jewelry. They are actually stronger than natural diamonds and made synthetically using a high pressure and high temperature process.

Diamond saw blades are made by bonding powdered metal mixed with crushed diamonds to the edge of a steel blade, which creates a super powerful tool capable of cutting through materials such as glass, brick, tile, concrete, and a range of other such materials.

Who Uses Diamond Saw Blades?

So many different tradesmen find a diamond saw blade useful, and as you might imagine these tools are typically found in the construction industry. Masonry saws often have diamond blades because they are capable of cutting through stone and concrete with ease. Although it is not just their ability to cut through extremely hard materials that makes diamond blades so popular; they can cut with precision and speed.

The precision and cutting ability of diamond blades means they are used by more than just those in the construction industry. They are also used by jewelers to cut gemstones, in the dental field for the creation of implants and crowns, in the ophthalmology industry for creating lenses for glasses, and in the IT and electronics field for cutting semiconductors that are brittle and delicate.

Why Choose a Diamond Saw Blade?

A diamond blade is much more powerful than a regular saw blade and as mentioned can effortlessly cut through hard materials. As you might imagine then, a diamond blade is likely to cost more than a regular blade. But when you consider the fact that it will last much longer, it makes sense to go for the diamond blade. Whether you are a professional or a homeowner looking for a long-lasting, tough tool that can be used for a multitude of tasks, a diamond blade is definitely preferable to a regular saw blade.

As well as being cost effective, diamond blades are great for saving time. It is much quicker to cut with a diamond blade than it is with a regular blade. They are better at dealing with debris and do not heat up as quickly as regular saws. The time-saving aspect of a diamond blade is usually that which makes them so popular with those professional contractors who know that saving time means saving money.

A diamond blade is capable of both wet and dry cutting, which is one of the reasons why these blades last longer than regular blades. Wet cutting helps to minimize dust particles in the air, making the use of the diamond blade a safer option.