Two major benefits of using checkbox for end-to-end document automation

Document generation, handling, processing, and tracking are some of the key aspects of any business. However, these tasks are tedious and not easy to carry out. You need a lot of time, effort, and planning to handle them and ensure they are easily accessible to everyone who may need them, at any time, from anywhere. When you have got in-house people handling your documents manually via spread sheets, emails, paper trails, and more, it could soon snowball into an unmanageable mess.

This would not only affect your organization’s performance adversely but even eat into your precious resources that could have been better utilized to focus on other more important core matters. If this sounds familiar and you’re looking for an effective solution, end-to-end document workflow automation with Checkbox could be just what you need.

Checkbox can Quickly and Easily Automate your Workflows from End-To-End on an All-In-One Automation Platform. Thus, you can easily automate your document workflows with it. The best thing is you won’t need to deal with a single line of code to get the work done.

Here are some of the key benefits Checkbox brings your way by facilitating document automation: 

1. Improved efficiency

It’s expected that you’ll have employees with varying technical knowledge. With Checkbox, you can help them all handle document generation and their assembly processes seamlessly, thus ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Even if your company has non-technical professionals, they can easily handle document automation with the no-coding platform of Checkbox.

Checkbox comes with multiple user-friendly features like a centralised dashboard, document templates, document file storage, bulk document processing, document approval automation, and e-signature, among others. So you can quickly and easily automate your workflows from end-to-end. This is a major benefit of an all-in-one automation platform like Checkbox.

Though any company can benefit from its easy step-by-step document creation process, this platform is especially helpful in automating document workflows for medium and large enterprise companies, particularly those in the procurement, legal, HR, and GRC functions.

So instead of spending hours and days to painstakingly draft a wide range of documents like NDAs, employment contracts, leases, and much more, your employees can tweak the templates to create documents, populate them with data, get them signed (via e-signature), and send them using Checkbox’s automation at a fraction of the time it earlier took. Thus, they can free up their precious time, which can be focused on other, more important tasks that would improve the overall efficiency of your company.

In brief, if you want to automate and streamline your document workflows and processes without worrying about coding, Checkbox is your answer.

2. Minimized human error document

workflow automation with Checkbox minimizes the chances of human error. When you create and edit tons of documents and populate them with data or other important information, a small error where you input the wrong legal clause, number, or contact information could throw an entire day’s work off the track. With Checkbox’s automation, you can minimize the risk of such mistakes, especially when you need a bunch of documents created quickly.