Tips On How to Create an NFT Store With WordPress Plugins

Since it is possible to exchange one cryptocurrency for another or one Euro for another, we say that cryptocurrencies and fiat money are fungible. Cryptocurrencies’ fungibility makes them a reliable system for handling Blockchain transactions. At the same time, NFTs’ non-fungibility means that the value of one NFT is never equivalent to that of another NFT. Therefore, they are not interchangeable with one another.

Here’s how to create an NFT store with NFT WordPress plugins

N.F.T. Tatum

API-based Evolution Platform equivalency layer for many blockchains (APIs). WordPress NFT plugins let you mint, create, and sell NFTs online.

  • Install the WordPress plugin and generate an API key. You’ll be prompted to create an account after clicking the Get API key. Account creation requires only your email address.
  • After selecting the Get API key, choose a pricing tier. Choose the one that best meets your needs, and a dialog box will appear to enter your API key.
  • Choose a network and location. The next page displays your API key.
  • To pay token minting fees, subscribe to a premium plan. After choosing a bundle, Tatum’s control panel will ask for billing information.
  • We will generate a new API key after you confirm the details.
  • Under “Your API keys,” you’ll find your newly generated API key. Show the code to copy it.
  • Paste the API key into WordPress after copying it.
  • Finish Setup.

Creating NFT Product

NFT Product Development Decisions To make a WooCommerce NFT, add a product to your cart and find the NFT Maker in the catalog’s bottom reaches.

After minting your NFT on a blockchain, consumers can buy your products by adding them to their shopping carts and checking out. The order confirmation page will provide a blockchain scout link for customers to verify and scrutinize transaction facts.

Tokens are provided to customers’ addresses after purchase.

Fixed-Price Items

After the marketplace setup on your website, clients can window shop your NFTs. Before building an NFT listing, you must send your NFT to vendors.

Ads need ID numbers.

Non-Financial Tokens


Mint NFTs to upload digital art to Ethereum.

  • Digital money card creation
  • NFC-enable the wallet.
  • ETH into your wallet.
  • Upload and fill out the fields (name, price, auction type).
  • Uploads are final.
  • Select Create to begin creating.
  • Then, the IPS receives the data (IPFS).
  • Gas costs next.
  • NFT is established after confirmation and payment.

WordPress-Automated Legal Agreements

Settings in your admin dashboard activate WordPress Smart Contracts after installation.

Skin your business or marketplace to modify its appearance.

Describe your NFT store’s crossroads. Leave front-end editing open since only the originator can edit.

Smart contracts can be set up after the framework. Select Deployment after finding your network.

Check all the boxes to proceed.

After formation, click the link to review the contract.

Explore the top NFT WordPress themes.

WordPress-Based NFT Platform Plugins:

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NFT (Paid)

Premium WordPress NFT maker Kredeum NFTs.


As more people develop inventive ways to offer unique things, NFTs will become more popular, and more real and digital assets will be tokenized. The NFT market can generate revenue now and afterward.