The Best Eco-friendly Parking Solutions

When it comes to eco-friendly parking solutions, what’s important is that you choose to drive a car that emits the least amount of carbon dioxide possible and emits no carbon dioxide at all in many cases.

But when it comes to parking, there are other issues involved, such as how often vehicles need maintenance and upkeep (such as oil changes). 

The type of fuel used for vehicles (natural gas or hydrogen are cleaner burnings), the amount of oil leaking, the type of tires used (radials or not), and more.

When it comes to filling up your car with gas, use ethanol-free gas whenever you can. If you own a pickup truck that needs diesel, be eco-friendly in other ways when driving to work or wherever else you’ll be going so you can keep your carbon footprint lower.  

The following are eco-friendly and some smart parking solutions:

1.    Virtual Vertical Surface Parking

It might be the answer to downtown parking nightmares, but not only that. The vertical virtual surface parking solution can also help save on space, which could be used for housing units or commercial units.

This type of parking is becoming more popular in urban areas where space is at a premium. If you need to fit more parking into a smaller space, this might be one of your best eco-friendly choices for building and using such a structure.

2.    Bamboo Vertical Parking Structure

It is another vertical parking solution for those who need the most parking possible in the smallest amount of acreage. It’s pretty expensive, though, so it’s probably not the best option for everyone, even if they have many cars to park.

It does look eco-friendly, and it makes use of sustainable materials, which are good too. Still, one would think that it might be cheaper to purchase or build with recycled metal or other available materials, depending on where you are.

3.    Concrete Surface Parking

For those who don’t need the most parking possible, this is yet another eco-friendly option to consider when building your parking space. It’s practical since it doesn’t take up too much room and can also be used for other purposes such as landscaping.

If it’s well built, you’ll have a smooth surface to drive over, which won’t be too bumpy either. It might not be as economically friendly as some other options, but if you’re looking for eco-friendly construction materials, then this one should attract your attention.

4.    Solar Parking Lot

Another eco-friendly parking solution is the solar parking lot. It is a good choice in sunny climates with plenty of car owners who need to park their vehicles in one place for short periods.

You can have solar panels installed above or below ground depending on how much room you have available, along with either battery storage or use it as a way to reduce your electric bill.


Of course, there are other eco-friendly and smart parking solutions out there, including biodegradable pouches for your tires and compressed air systems to reduce the amount of gasoline you use. The above are some of the best recommendations when it comes to eco-friendly choices.