Stay Connected to Consumers in 2021 with Voice Search SEO

Up to 93% of experiences online begin by using a search engine. Nearly 3.25 billion people now use voice-activated assistants and search worldwide. That extensive base includes consumers looking for products and services from businesses just like yours. The way search engines are being used is evolving.

In the past, company websites were optimized for desktop browsers and mobile search. Just when you thought you finally had that augmented for your business, now your website needs to include voice search. More people want the ability to stay connected while they are on the go.

Staying connected has become the norm, and your business is expected to offer voice search or suffer the consequences. The vocal search method is only going to become even more popular in 2021. How can you keep up? Time management for businesses doesn’t always allow business owners to turn their attention away from anything other than their actual business.

The answer is to outsource SEO to white label digital marketing companies. There are many benefits when it comes to optimizing your content to include voice searches. Voice search SEO enables your site to be recognized by Google Home, Siri, Alexa, and even Cortana for a start. Ultimately, your website will be even more useful to customers and clients by saving them time.  

Understand the Focus of Voice Search SEO

There are many voice search SEO strategies that could be used. It is imperative to understand that the focus for voice search SEO is not entirely on being found. Instead, it is on providing correct information with minimal effort and at the right time. The information presented by your website must be helpful to users and simple for AI to distinguish. You don’t want any other company doing a better job of assisting your customers, do you?

Make Voice Recognition Part of Your SEO Plan

It stands to reason that voice recognition should become a part of your SEO plan moving forward. There are a few things you need to think about when it comes to voice search SEO. One aspect is how long-tail keywords are used. It is an important factor and helps voice search AI engines differentiate between non-relevant and relevant information.

A second aspect includes providing answers to questions. This may seem obvious, but it one of the biggest tips for optimizing voice search. Just make sure the answers your site provides are the correct answers that cannot be edited by outside sources.

Rich media is a must for your website in consideration of voice search. Natural language processing is the focus. Voice assistants need to be able to understand the words that are spoken, especially in different accents and context. Rich media helps with context, so you want to have plenty of it. For example, images need to include correct descriptions as well as alt text. Embed videos that automatically generate captions are ideal too. Crawling robots need as much information as they can get in relation to a voice search. An SEO company offering voice search SEO can help you with all of this and more.

More People Are Getting Comfortable Using Voice Search  

More people are becoming comfortable using voice search in regards to voice-based commerce. Couple that with the fact that the voice search market is only expected to grow well into 2021 and beyond and act now. Become a future-focused business and make sure your website includes voice search SEO as part of your future SEO plans.