Starting a successful personal training career

Have You ever thought about starting a personal training career? If not, there are plenty of reasons to do this. One of the most important things is to be fit and healthy. This is why a lot of people try to do exercises at least twice a week. And since not everyone has done sports in their lifetime, a lot of people need assistance when working out. No matter whether this is at home, in the gym, or outside in the park, some people just need to have somebody telling them what to do. Plenty of people also don’t feel comfortable working out by themselves if they have a certain injury or they are just not certain what to do during their workout. Getting injured while working out is very common which is why a lot of people want to avoid finding themselves in this situation.

This is why the need for personal trainers is huge. And no matter how many trainers there are, there will never be enough. Especially nowadays when more and more job positions require a lot of sitting such as when working in the IT. People who work in IT are the ones with the biggest need for a personal trainer as they are spending their days bent over a computer screen. Blue light-blocking glasses will only protect their eyesight health, but not their entire physical health. This is why these people seek assistance from personal trainers. But, having a successful personal training career doesn’t really come so easy. You have to work hard for it. And not just in the gym.

We are here to tell you just how you can establish a successful personal training career. These tips will help you gain knowledge on just how to make this business of yours stand out from the rest of them that there are to be found in your surroundings. And since this is an in-demand job in UAE, moving here is the first thing we suggest you to do.

Start small

Depending on where you live, the competition will be different. But let’s say that you live in a big urban city. This means that you are surrounded by personal trainers, gyms, fitness studios, and other things that help a person stay in shape. This is what plenty of people with a personal training career struggle with – competition. Standing out among dozens of people who are doing the same thing as you is the biggest obstacle to overcome nowadays. This is why we decided to give you a couple of tips and pointers on what to do to at least begin the process of gathering more attention from potential clients.

It is very important that you start small. Aiming high is important as well but that is just the aim, you have to shoot low at first. This is why we wouldn’t suggest making the prices not reasonable. A lot of people set a high price point as they are worried that not a lot of people would hire them so they want to make the most out of those who do. But that is not how a successful personal training career is established. In fact, this is why a lot of small businesses fail. You have to lower the prices at first so that you attract clients with affordability. After you do so, you have to make sure you show that your services are not only affordable but are of good quality as well.

How to stick out from the competition?

Not only do Your services need to be affordable, you have to provide quality as well. Even if charging $10 an hour for your service, the person who is training needs to be satisfied with what they get for those $10. It shouldn’t be just you emailing them a list of exercises to do and how many of them they need to do. You have to put in some effort, if charging $10, put in $20 worth of effort. This will ensure people speak nicely about the services that you are providing.

This is one of the best business tips that there are out there – invest double than what you are asking for. If you do so, in no time, you will receive much more than you invested in your business and your career. That is the unwritten rule. And we believe you always need to apply it. Invest more, ask for less, receive double. You also need to know just how to make a good investment.

Social media presence is important

The most important thing to have in mind and to work on is your social media presence. Without it, there is not a lot of chance for your personal training career to be as successful as you want it to be. People nowadays mostly use social media for finding services and people to hire for assistance. This is because social media is where you are able to see and find out more about the person or the company you are hiring. And this is why your social media accounts should provide as much information as that is possible. Your name, location, gyms you work in, supplements you use, gym equipment you prefer and so on. If you find the right education for your personal training career, you need to include that as well. This will make people hire you.

There are plenty of things to include but your pricing should not be one of them. Include the pricing on your website as you want to attract more people to the website for more website transit. This is a useful hack to have in mind!