How to prepare SEO interview questions at the earliest

Are you aware of your SEO knowledge very well? If you feel you need preparation for the critical SEO inside and outside knowledge, you must go through certain sets of questions and answers which will help you to learn the concepts better.

There are few important SEO interview questions which need no special mention. When you are trying out for your dream job, you will be able to shine as a candidate with the right training for the respective candidate.

Questions that employers look for in an SEO expert or professional

Employers set the level of the interview in categories after assessing the experience of the candidates. If you are a fresher, your level of SEO interview questions will be different compared to the candidate who is more experienced and working with SEO for years.  

1. What do you mean by the Website search engine?

There are several factors that make up your website search engine friendly. The use of the right keywords with the right kind of keyword facilitator is the main motto of the website search engine. It also includes metadata, titles, and quality content.

2. How can you measure the success of SEO?

The answer to this question depends on the type of company you are getting interviewed. The goals differ as the working strategy is different from company to company. The possible answers must include the reference of traffic increasing, key performance indicators (KPI)

This also includes the particular landing page which increases the conversions including with it the newsletter signups or even sales.

3. What are the regular-used SEO tools?

Google offers many tools to be used for popularizing the website. There are multiple webmaster tools and also tools offered by Moz.

4. How did you come across SEO?

A potential employer wants to see if you are well versed with the knowledge of SEO, thus he checks out the quality of trained and quality skill set you have you have within you.

5. How can we end up searching popular keyword research?

With the help of a Google keyword planner, you can process your research at your best. You have to make sure that you can figure out the best keyword search potential for the SEO Company that will be highly targeted but not too tough.

6. What are backlinks?

This is a process where you link a targeted keyword with the main anchor link into a website from an external source mentioning the link along.

7. What can you do for SEO video?

  Videos are faster ways of spreading popularity therefore make sure that your text crawls behind as advertisement as Google cannot watch any video. Videos should be focused upon keywords, descriptions, page titles and so on.

8. What is Page Speed?

Page speed is the pace at which a page is being set fast factors in it. Sometimes, you can get to see the faster loading page that gets directly translated to better user experience. This improves server response time.  

9. How do meta tags matter?

Meta tags help the user click on the website and play the role of SERP.

10. Which factors of SEO are not in control?

The ranking process of Google is not known thus you have to make sure that you enhance your user experience and quality of content. 

11. Difference between on-page and Off-page SEO?

On-page controls factors like keyword, content, page structure and load time whereas Off-page factors include backlink with the content.

12. What is the relationship between SEO and SEM?

SEO means Search engine optimization and is free whereas SEM means search engine optimization and is paid.

13. What is the difference between the no-follow and do-follow concept?

No-follow contributes to asking the users not to click on the following link. The do-follow tag helps the user get the best-searched results.

14. What is link building for a website?

 Link building is a strategy that exists to serve the searcher considering credibility. This is what SEO experts do in order to grab more views for their website in order to get visible and improve the search results.

15. What is the method that is used to redirect to a page?

 In common, a redirect page of 301 is the best way to redirect to a page in Google. This will help you restore the value at Google that your website has accumulated all throughout.

Before you start your preparation SEO interview questions, first analyze your previous knowledge through any kind of test you feel comfortable analyzing. Make sure you give your best on the assessments.