Before you settle on which type of website builder to use for your company, you have to make some considerations. There are very many website builders available. Some are free, while others are paid for. With a free website builder, you don’t pay any money. Some of the free website builders include Wix, Weebly, WordPress, etc. Even though free website builders offer free services, they also have their drawbacks.

Here are some of the top drawbacks of free website builders:


When you get the free website builder, you do not become the legal owner of the site. You cannot have professional features, such as domain name in your site, email accounts, your social media links, and even contacts. Lack of these professional features will make your visitors feel insecure when visiting your website. With a free website builder, you cannot run your ads on the side, making fewer leads to your site.

Customization of pages is not allowed on the free website builder. This will make it impossible to change the templates and even the fonts. This restriction may make it difficult for your visitors to have access to information on your website.


In case you experience any technical problems, getting help from the web hosting organization is difficult. There is no platform between the web hosting company and the client to communicate. Customer support is very poor, especially when you urgently need their help, for instance, when your site has been hacked.


Popular domain users, such as mobile users find it impossible to use free websites. The Webhosting company tends to restrict mobile users from accessing the site. This leads to loss of visitors, leading to a huge loss to your company.


Free websites are vulnerable to hacking and data loss. A data breach is common with free websites because you have limited access to your content on the site. The Web hosting company has the freedom to use your content; therefore, the chances of your content getting interfered with or stolen are very high. The Web hosting company can also decide to shut down their servers, and you could end up losing your website and all the data. 


Most of the free Web hosting companies are supported by advertisements. When you create your free website intrusive ads start to pop out, making it too difficult to create content on your website. Some of the advertisements are irrelevant and destructive. This makes it unclear for your visitors and users to access your content.


Having a website is crucial for businesses in this day and age. But before you build your website, you should carefully choose a website builder so that you end up with a perfect website for your business. And the free website builder isn’t the perfect option for your business for the reasons named above. Choose a paid website builder and enjoy the benefits that come with it.