Most expensive laptops in the world compared

Laptops vary wildly in price depending on their brand, their capabilities and the materials used to manufacture them. While you can pick up a powerful laptop for a couple of thousand pounds, the price of some laptops can reach into the tens of thousands. 

We all like to look at ridiculously expensive things that we can’t afford from time-to-time. For your entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most unique and bank-breaking laptops that are going to make you want to sell your PC and buy an upgrade. 

Here are some of the most expensive laptops ever built:

Stealth MacBook Pro – around £4,500

To start the list, we have a laptop that is relatively expensive, but not as mind-bogglingly expensive as some other featured devices. This is the Stealth MacBook Pro, customised by ColorWare. 

Featuring a Xero-gloss finish, a custom-built matte screen and soft-touch keys, this laptop truly is built for stealth, and it looks very cool. With all of the great specs you can expect from an Apple device, with the added bonus of looking like something out of a James Bond film, this laptop is unsurprisingly very popular. 

EGO for Bentley – around £15,000

This is one that you probably haven’t heard of, unless you’re accustomed to cruising around in Bentleys with a custom-built laptop on your passenger seat. This model is the product of a team-up between computer brand EGO and British luxury car manufacturer Bentley – which is an unusual match if you ask us.

It’s no surprise then that the laptop these industry titans collaboratively manufactured is pretty unusual, and apparently not very good. While it does have a good processor, 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive and a 12-inch screen, you can do a lot better for £15,000.

What you are really paying for is the handmade, diamond-stitched, genuine leather exterior, and particularly the logo that appears on it. Despite its potentially disappointing specifications, due to its aesthetic appeal and the fact that there are only 250 of them in existence, this laptop has held its value well.

If you have this kind of money lying around, then the EGO for Bentley is definitely a cool item to purchase.

MJ’S Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook – around £2.7 million

You thought the last model was ridiculous? Take a look at this piece of hardware. This is officially the most expensive laptop ever built, and to purchase this laptop you need to be personally invited to do so by its creator – as well as be extremely rich!

This dazzling laptop was created by a Ukrainian art studio known as MJ, who are famous for creating luxurious technical accessories. The immense price tag is attributed to the hundreds of black and white diamonds encrusted in the laptop and mouse.

Many of the specifications about this laptop are unknown, and the quantity produced is also unknown. But rumour has it, the specs are nothing special. Which is insane, because for £2.7 million I would expect my laptop to be able to transform into Optimus Prime.

This laptop is certainly a looker though, as well as a record-breaker.