Know the features of the Google mirrored website named Elgoog

You must be confused to see things in a reverse direction. Elgoog is one such website that reflects a mirror image of the Bing. If you want to check it then you must look for the image of the Bing. Clicking on it you can understand what effect the Elgoog has on the features. Through this article you will be able to understand and gather much information about the reverse effect of Google. This website is exactly the refection of Google but in a mirrored version. The texts are displayed in a reverse step that is from right to left-hand side.

A reverse way to enjoy

Elgoog is totally different from Goggle. Whenever you search for Elgoog, it will truly take you to the website through a particular link. Starting from the text displaying to the words written, everything appears to reverse. In fact, it appears very funny. All the queries and the search are types in a reverse way. It would be quite fun indeed to do the task. The entries should be made in a backward direction but the spellings will be automatically made reverse. If you want to discover interesting things then you can visit the website for fun and enjoy typing in a reverse way.

Interesting games of Elgoog

Working out with Elgoog gives you a completely different experience. Thus it is important that you get to know the interesting things about the Elgoog. Not only backward spellings but Elgoog offers you different types of interesting games too. There are certain mini-games that seem to be interesting and possible only with the discovery of Elgoog. Features like underwater, Pacman, gravity, guitar are some important and interesting features that are being introduced by the Elgoog. Thus it is important that you learn about the facts and have fun while experiencing the feature. This website is still owned by Google itself.

Featuring inbuilt Gravity application

This feature and mirrored website was created all for fun and it started to gain popularity since 2002. The inbuilt application of Elgoog makes it possible to take all the search water underwater. The application will let all the searches go underwater and all other controls will also be seen going underwater. Clicking all the elements you can also create a bouncing effect. Although it sounds amazing, it is real and emphatic for users. Another effect is Gravity. Here it is the gravity application of Elgoog works on the objects with fun. You can try picking up your themes from the bottom.

Facts about Pacman

Another feature that was famous during the childhood days was Pacman. This game is offered by Elgoog for free. Directly you can play the game on the website. For those who are new to this game, you can start playing the game on the website with the movement of the arrow keys. Another feature that give Elgoog a different status is the guitar application. You can play some melodies namely rhymes and melodies. The logo of the Elgoog wilkl also be converted into guitar. Users can get key sequences to play the particular melody from the below search box in the particular link of the website.

Know your UPS tracking system

The development of Google has occurred since last two decades. Therefore it has come up with some cool featured application. Designing formats for some search tools is one such invention. You can operate your UPS tracking, USPS or FEDEX tracking through the number provided for tracking. If you use this system, Elgoog will help you to track the package and its location. This acts indeed as power protection and ensures in prompting the fastest delivery with UPS topologies. This feature is applicable to all online businesses and websites. Once all documents are submitted by the user, a tracking number has to be installed.

Facts about Auction Zip

Technology has grown faster and its impact on almost every field of life has created influential matters. The entire world is now under the influence of the internet irrespective of auction being discharged from its blow. Auction zip serves the objectives of millions of its online with prompting of online readers. It is convenient for potential buyers as well as sellers. The arrow keys control the movement of the actions in the website. The auction zip is about maintaining the database of all the auctions that are available in order. This indeed will make your auction search easy as well as accessible for online as well as offline users. It is so simple!