Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Your Laptop?

Like everything in this world, laptops get old. They age. After so many years of service to you, it might finally be time to bid your trusty old laptop goodbye. Remember that no laptop will be able to escape the years unscathed. Even the most dutiful of laptops will begin encountering problems in its fourth to the fifth year. There is no question about it.

So how do you know it is time to kiss your laptop goodbye? Have you ever encountered a blue or black screen (depending on your laptop)? Most of the time, this can be remedied by the good turn-it-off-and-turn-it-back-on technique. What many don’t realize, however, is that this could be a part of a larger range of issues that will lead to the laptop’s death.

It is usual for people not to want to buy a new one. After all, one can always bring the laptop to a computer repair shop. Good computer technicians can solve almost every possible problem, so there’s always that option for laptop owners. But there comes a time when the technician will tell you to forget about trying to salvage the laptop and get a new one. This means that it will cost more money to fix the device than buy a new one with the same specs. At the very least, buying a new one will cost a couple of hundreds of dollars more, which isn’t very bad considering the alternative.

It’s Taking Forever to Start

Auto-executing applications make the startup relatively slow. That’s why older laptops sometimes need to get reformatted. What you can do is weed out these applications and see if your computer will start quicker. You can also reformat it and reinstall the essential drivers. If, after reformatting, the laptop is still sluggish during startup, it’s time to replace the device as it could be a hardware issue.

The Battery Is Discharging Fast

Have you noticed that your laptop only lasts a couple of hours before it dies? Does it feel more like a desktop computer that has to be connected to an electric socket because it doesn’t last long without the charger anymore? You can get a new battery pack, although it might be tricky if you have an old laptop. If you cannot find one, you’ll need to stick to an outlet when using your gadget. Of course, this is fine if you don’t need the mobility that the laptop supposedly offers. But if you have to take it with you outdoors, you need to buy a new one.

It’s Too Hot to Handle

Do you fear that your laptop is overheating? Aging laptops usually have heating issues because the internal fans aren’t working well anymore. The malfunctioning cooling system can be the death of your computer because the internal components need cooling. There’s a remedy to overheating laptops. You can get a new internal fan. But if, after getting a new fan, it is still a hot mess to the point that it hurts to touch it when it’s turned on, then think about getting a new one already.

It Has a Malfunctioning Monitor

If the monitor has a blurry screen or white lines on it, it’s a sign to get a new laptop. While screens can be replaced, it is not usually advisable because of the cost of the new screen and the labor fee. Other signs that the monitor is malfunctioning are if it’s blinking and panning horizontally or vertically. It will cost a considerable amount of money to replace the screen and the other components, so you’ll be better off with a brand-new laptop.

The USB Ports Are Unresponsive

This is an annoying reality of older laptops. As time goes by, you’ll have fewer and fewer USB ports functioning well. This is mostly a hardware issue, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s not advisable to replace the ports, especially on a budget laptop, because it will be more expensive to buy a new one. You can use an external USB port, but it would soon be so inconvenient. The truth is that when this starts to happen, the option is to get a new laptop.

While repairing a laptop is a good option and usually works, certain signs will tell you it’s not practical anymore. If you spend more on having the device repaired, you will be left with a computer that’s only half of its original health. Do you want to waste your money on that or buy a new one that will last for years?