How WordPress website make SEO easy?

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WordPress has never ceased to grow since its release in 2003.

It actually now accounts for 34 percent of the network.

WordPress 5.3 (released on 12 November 2019) has had 8,088, 611 downloads already!

And what are the reasons for success with WordPress?

1.It is a user-friendly website:

 The WordPress themes and plugins work together to create professional, user-friendly, and attractive websites.

The Outcome?

Visitors enjoy their experience at a WordPress site.

If you are looking to boost your blog’s SEO rating, that is excellent news for you. Google wants websites to be rewarded, which provides a great user experience.

2. Write and attractive Permalink:

On WordPress, editing the Permalink from your website is super easy.

Rather than having a URL with ugly-looking characters

The advantage of educating the Permalink of your article is that you can add your keyword to the URL.

This ensures that not only does your Permalink look good and insightful; it can also help with the search rankings.

3. Easy writing on meta description:

 Titles and metadata from the SEO improve how search engines interpret your site ‘s relevance.

Metadata tells crawlers on search engines to help them understand what your web pages are all about.

 Adding relevant keywords to your Metadata makes it more likely that your site will rank for those keywords.

In WordPress, you can use get a plugin like Yoast SEO when using WordPress. This plugin helps you to add metadata in minutes for all of your posts.

4.Its simple to optimize the image for SEO in WordPress:

 Pictures are essential for a blog. It’s used in a timely manner; break up your blog into interesting sections that are readable.

For each image you are using, WordPress allows you to “create the alternative text” This means you can plug in your keywords as descriptions of the image which the search engine crawlers will notice.

You can use a plugin with WordPress, which automatically generates alt text for your images.

You can resize your photos, so they do not slow down the load speed of your page.

5. Mobile friendly:

 As you can see, in five years, mobile traffic has risen 22percent!

If you’re a marketer trying to get traction online, that means you need to optimize your website for mobile use.

If you are using WordPress website service for your power suit, the great news is that it depends on you how you don’t need to do anything extra to make your site accessible on mobile devices.

Easy social media integration:

Today, social media is enormous, and it’s one of the best ways to market the brand.

What’s more, your social media marketing success will indirectly boost your SEO rating.

6. Plugins that made for SEO:

Yoast SEO is an essential SEO plugin used for doing SEO as it simplifies the website for even the least tech-savvy person on the planet.

You can simply choose a web development company for a better WordPress website service and start your blog or business online.